Looking for the best food bloggers to follow on Instagram? Here are the top 10 Instagram food bloggers to follow.

Alex Fedorenko
Alex Fedorenko
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Communities have been coming together by sharing food and dining since the times immemorial. Whether we participate in intricate dining rituals, follow elaborate table etiquette, or simply breaking our bread with neighbors and strangers alike, our shared love of food is something anyone can relate to.

And in the age of social media, we’ve learned to tell our food stories to the whole world. With the rise of Instagram, it became the perfect medium for people to share their culinary and dining experiences with each other. Thousands of people post their recipes, baking tutorials, daring culinary exploits, or just pictures of some cool dish they had in a new trendy café around the corner. #Foodie culture has blossomed on the intersection of culinary arts, photography, the proliferation of visual social media, and, of course, unfettered passion for food!

So here we have prepared a selection of 10 most appetizing blogs we found on Instagram. These accounts can teach you a thing or two about cooking, share some delicious recipes, inspire you to eat healthy, and they most definitely will make your mouth water. And you know what’s also great? All of them belong to Insense community of creators and influencers! So, if you’re an advertiser looking for a partnership with a creator in the food and culinary niche, you can launch a collaboration with any of them in just a few clicks or use Insense’s customizable search feature and thematic filters to identify hundreds of other potential partners just like that.

But, without further ado, take a look at some of the best food bloggers on Instagram. We strongly advise you to have something to eat before you do, because these food blogs will surely make you hungry!

Top 10 of the best food bloggers on Instagram



Eva Kosmas Flores is a gardener, educator, recipe developer, photographer, stylist, author of two cookbooks, and an award-nominated food blogger. Coming from a culinary background (her parents owned and operated a Greek deli in Portland, Oregon, for more than 30 years), she turned her love of food and cooking into a truly artistic endeavor, constantly stunning her audience of 296k followers with amazing photographs of her dishes and a beautiful garden.

meat and zucchini being served on a casserole



For many of amateur kitchen enthusiasts cooking may seem almost like alchemy: you combine the ingredients, heat the pan, stir the pot and cross your fingers, hoping for that culinary magic to happen. But for food professionals striving for perfection, like Jennifer Pallian, it is a precise science. She studied cooking, baking, and food chemistry in a university lab and has years of experience as a professional test kitchen recipe developer. Looking for some science-based cooking tips or maybe just some easy baking recipes for your weeknight meals? No worries, @foodess got it all.

dessert with blackberry topping



A classically trained pastry chef with years of experience in various roles in the food service industry, Nicole Triebe is a Chicago-based food stylist and blogger. Her Instagram is a treasure trove of mouthwatering pictures and she eagerly shares the delicious recipes with her 27,000 followers!

woman cooking



Those interested in healthy and balanced diets should definitely check out Instagram of Nataly Perez. A wellness and fitness enthusiast, she first started her Instagram account as a food journal to keep track of her meals and now she inspires her 36.4k followers to live their best life without depriving themselves of their favorite things with her fantastic healthy recipes.

eggs, avocado, sausage and toasted integral bread on a bowl



Searching for some inspiration for your next cheat day meal? Then @consciouschris got your back. This food blogger’s Instagram is packed with pictures of yummy-looking sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas. Treat yourself with one of those delicious vegan burgers!

a sandwich cut in half



Irvin Lin has been passionate about baking since he was 9 years old. Today he is a graphic designer, food writer, recipe developer and author of a critically acclaimed cookbook, Marbled, Swirled, and Layered. Of course, baking is not the only thing he does, but if you’re looking for a perfect Blueberry Pie recipe or just want to drool over some unbelievably appetizing Sourdough Chocolate Chunk Cookies, he’s Instagram is the place you’d be interested to visit.



There’re few cuisines in the world as popular as Italian. But while pizza and pasta have conquered the world, Italian cuisine is so much more than that. Just take a look at the variety of dishes on Pina Bresciani’s Instagram! Italian food is Pina’s specialty, sometimes traditional, but mostly with a modern twist. Stunning desserts, pastries, salads, and risottos await you on @pinabresciani.




@meetandeats is a project of a food-loving blogger named Alice to document her love for the city of Toronto and its dining scene. Her experiences at the restaurants go hand in hand with her own cooking and recipes, all beautifully photographed and presented on her Instagram.

asian food



Kelly Jones focuses on optimal nutrition for fitness and workouts. In her Instagram you’ll be able to find not only the recipes for fantastic healthy dishes but also informative infographics and facts about the basics of proper nutrition and a balanced diet.

healthy food bowl



Oh So Delicioso (OSD for short) is a cooking lifestyle blog ran by two friends, Des and Kadee, that was featured in Oprah Magazine and Food Network. With almost 45k followers and counting, their Instagram is filled with gorgeous food photography of their irresistible seasonal recipes.

frozen green beverage made with lemon and mint
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