Marketing and e-commerce in the post-pandemic world

Daria Gogoleva
Daria Gogoleva
Marketing Lead at Insense

This summary of a recent episode of The 30 Minute CMO Podcast with Steve Weiss, the CEO of MuteSix, can help you to get insight into how to handle multiple crises at the same time, discover new growth opportunities and branch out to TikTok.

Marketing in the brave new world

COVID-19 pandemic has been a crisis like no other in recent memory. Whole industries are scrambling to find alternative ways of doing business in a lockdown economy and to survive the times of trouble. Some have completely scrapped their advertising altogether. Now, as the new normal is settling in and economies slowly start to reopen and recover, how do we adjust to the post-pandemic landscape?  

In one of its recent episodes, The 30 Minute CMO podcast talked to Steve Weiss, the CEO of MuteSix. You can listen to a whole conversation here or read our summary below.

  1. Will e-commerce replace physical retail?

Not entirely. E-commerce is here to stay and, if anything, the period of self-isolation proved that in time it has the potential to replace most of physical retail, which is going to be very diminished for all but a few types of products. The sentiment around consumers is not going to change and devolve any time soon. Although e-commerce is not likely to replace physical retail completely (there are always going to be products that a consumer would prefer to try and purchase in person), but it’s likely to play a leading role from now on.

  1. Will the traditional ad model survive the crisis? 

Yes and no. For the traditional advertising to work in the post-COVID world it will require for the marketers to adapt accordingly. Efficiency is going to be the key in as advertisers will want to make sure that they are getting their returns on investment in these marketing channels. Ad campaigns are going to become more data-driven, more cost-effective. The market will evolve and adjust, but efficiency is the new name of the game.

  1. TikTok’s popularity is booming. Is branching out to the new platform the way to go?

Yes. TikTok has already been a hip new platform on every marketers’ mind for the last year, but it seems that the recent events have made its growth absolutely explosive. What has started as a youth-oriented platform is now attracting older generations of consumers as well. It’s built for consumption and is doing a great job of keeping its users entertained. Brands are flocking to TikTok, but many are stumbling on the way as they try to use the format without really understanding what makes the platform so special. Couple of rules to remember: 

  • You need to spend time to master the platform and understand why people are coming to TikTok.
  • You can’t just use the recycled content from Facebook or other social media platforms as TikTok offers very different kinds of narratives.

TikTok is not going anywhere anytime soon, but if you rush your entry to the platform without a proper set up there’s a good chance to botch it. In fact, nothing is more likely to get you through these challenging times than a good deal of marketing expertise, especially if you’re a D2C brand. And if the expertise in social media marketing is what you’re looking for, then Insense is the platform for you. It optimizes working with creators on every level, allowing you to rely on the vast expert knowledge and offering an opportunity to collaborate with a community of over 35,000 proven partners producing content for all the major social media platforms – Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and, naturally, TikTok. Whether you want to add some content to your brand page or to promote your product in a partnership with an influencer, with Insense you’ll be able to find the partner you’re looking for who will deliver exactly the type of content you have in mind. Check out the website and set up a free demo call to see for yourself how Insense can offer you social media marketing solutions that are cost-efficient, time-saving and provide your business incredible return on investment.

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