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Social media platforms have become a hotspot for online shopping. With features like in-app checkout, shopping via social media can feel pretty effortless for consumers. Instagram is no exception to the social media shopping craze. Instagram lets businesses display and sell their products (and lets consumers buy the products) within the app with a feature called Instagram Shop. If you’re curious about Instagram Shop and want to know how it works, read on for all of the important details.

Shopping Posts on Instagram: How It Works

Along with platforms like Facebook and Pinterest, Instagram has added a built-in shopping feature that allows users to browse and purchase products without leaving the app. As you probably know by now, this magical feature is called Instagram Shop. For consumers, Instagram Shop is a very streamlined way to find products on Instagram and purchase them without leaving the app. For businesses, Instagram Shop is a great way to showcase your product catalog and get more conversions. In case your wondering, Instagram lets you display your products in a few different ways...

Instagram Feed Posts

You can make your regular feed posts (including carousel posts) shoppable by tagging the products that are in the photo. The tag shows the product name and price and has a link that lets users purchase the product. This is great because users scrolling through their feed can see products and purchase them right then and there. Additionally, when you tag a product in one of your posts, Instagram ads that post to a shopping section on your profile which contains all of your tagged products. To access this, users can simply tap the shopping bag icon on your profile.

Instagram Stories

In addition to tagging products in your feed posts, you can also add product stickers to your Instagram Stories. The stickers look sleek and are comparable to product tags in terms of functionality.

Instagram AR Filters

Here’s where shopping on Instagram gets interesting. Instagram is beta testing an AR (augmented reality) shopping feature that lets users virtually try on products before buying them. The downside is that this feature is currently only available for select eyewear and cosmetic retailers. Specifically Warby Parker, Ray-Ban, MAC Cosmetics and NARS Cosmetics. Even though this advanced feature isn’t something that every brand can jump on right now, Instagram is planning on integrating more brands into the AR shopping feature over time. It’s definitely a feature to keep an eye on.

Why Your E-Commerce Business Should Use Instagram Shopping Posts

Instagram Shop is a really cool feature, and we think all e-commerce brands should give it a try. Being able to turn your Instagram profile into a shoppable, virtual storefront is huge for e-commerce businesses. It’s a foolproof way to boost engagement with your posts and drive more sales. People following you on Instagram have already shown some level of interest in your brand, and Shops makes it easy for you to make your products accessible to them. Instagram has done great with the design and ease of use of the Shops feature. Shops makes it super easy for your followers to see and purchase products from your brand, all without leaving the app (thanks to in-app checkout).

Secret Weapon: UGC for Instagram Shopping

Now that we’ve covered how Instagram Shop works and why you should use it, we want to talk about one of the best ways to increase engagement with your shoppable posts… user-generated content. Here at Insense, helping brands partner up with content creators is our specialty. Time and time again, we’ve seen how impactful it is when a brand works with influencers to get UGC for their social media channels, including Instagram. Photos and videos of talented, popular content creators using your products are the perfect forms of Instagram content to drive conversions. If we may be so bold, we think our platform is the perfect place to find content creators to create mobile-first content for your brand. You can find content creators and get compelling content within 7 days. To help protect your brand, you’ll automatically get the full digital copyright for any content you commission on Insense. In addition, we host secure influencer payments, so your payment is not released until you receive and approve the final content from a creator. What’s more, is that we have direct integration with Shopify that lets brands connect our platform directly to their catalog.

Get Started Now

There you have it! That’s the scoop on Instagram shopping. If your brand hasn’t made use of Instagram Shop yet, give it a try. If and when you’re in the market for custom user-generated content that’ll help promote your products, consider using Insense.

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