The 5 Best Instagram Content Creators To Be Inspired By

Alex Fedorenko
Alex Fedorenko
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Instagram needs no introduction. Since its inception in 2010, the social network has been at the forefront of creating a revolution for photo and video creativity.

Grainy and blurry photos are no longer a means for sharing your latest beauty discovery or travel pitstop – these days, Instagram users are taking it to the next level with cutting-edge imagery, idyllic photography, and ‘thinking outside the box’ videos.

As a platform that’s bursting with creative users, Instagram content creators are a great source of inspiration. Whether you want to emulate their success, or start building a tribe that’s passionate about your niche, we can all learn some valuable lessons in creativity from the platform's top users.

So, what exactly does a content creator on Instagram do, and who are the best Instagram content creators to follow in 2020. Let’s take a look.

What is an Ig content creator?

Did you know that Instagram has one billion users? By 2020, the influencer marketing industry was predicted to be worth around $7.5 billion with businesses making over a 500% return on every dollar spent on influencer marketing.

IG content creators are highly influential. In fact, Instagram ranks as the most impactful channel in 2020. Therefore, it's no surprise that over two thirds of marketers will spend the most on this platform.

What does that mean for content creators? That means that there’s even more opportunity to get paid for your extensive creative skills. So, what is an ig content creator, and how do you become one?

An Ig content creator is someone who makes Instagram content that caters specifically to their audience. For example, if an Instagram user posts vegan recipes that are tailored to their vegan audience, then we could consider them an Ig content creator.

An Instagram content creator may solely use the platform as a means to make money. In other words, Instagram is essentially their job. Many content creators work with brands on content in exchange for payment. This could be in the form of sponsored posts, sponsored videos, brand content, social media ads, print ads, and more.

To become a content creator on Instagram, try making content that caters to a specific niche, such as beauty, fashion, food, travel, gaming, or something else. Building up a loyal following takes time and hard work, but continually posting images in your feed, videos, and reels within your niche can help you to build up a dedicated audience.

So, who do brands work with, and who can you subscribe to for some inspiration? Let’s look at the best Instagram content creators to follow.

The Top 5 content creators on Instagram worth following

With millions of users on Instagram, it would be extremely difficult to mention all our favorites. However, we’ve managed to narrow down the top 5 content creators to follow in 2020. Check these content creators out, and get inspired by their creativity.

Karen X

Account: Karenxcheng

Number of followers: 378k

Category: video design/creative artistry

Content: Named in Inc’s 30 under 30, Karen X Cheng creates viral videos for brands, including Apple and Snapchat through her creative agency, Wafffle. Cheng first went viral when she quit working for Microsoft using a video.

It’s probably no surprise that the karenxcheng Instagram account features many of her videos, as well as tutorial videos giving her audience a behind the scenes look at her creative videos.

If you’re searching for ways to enhance your creative video skills, this account is bursting with inspiration for you.

Tip: Karen became notorious for her ‘donut selfie’ - a technique that teaches users how to record video of themselves while moving their phone in a circular motion.

Don’t be afraid to reveal your ‘secrets’. Using tutorials to show people your methods can set you apart from other people.

Julian Bass

Account: Thejulianbass

Number of followers: 119.4k

Category: film/visual effects/acting

Content: At just 20 years old, Georgia State University student, Julian Bass, is known for his special effects videos. On his Instagram, you’ll find his ode to superhero movies, complete with editing tutorials. After one of his videos went viral on Twitter, Bass got himself noticed by some of Hollywood's leading names, including actors Josh Gad and Zach Braff.

Tip: Bass regularly pays tribute to some of his most-loved superheroes on Instagram and has now been noticed by Disney. If you’re interested in learning VFX, take note. Expressing your own ideas in a creative way is always going to get you noticed for the right reasons.

Kevin Parry

Account: Kevinbparry

Number of followers: 938.4k

Category: animation/video effects

Content: During each month of 2020, stop-motion animator Kevin Parry is making videos based on one emoji. Famous for his incredible visual effects, Parry has worked on animated movies The Boxtrolls, and now showcases his talent all over social media. If you need inspiration, Parry reveals behind-the-scenes tricks in his tutorial videos.

Tip: Parry combines his animation skills with illusions, becoming one of Variety magazine’s ‘Animators to Watch’.

His optical illusion ‘fruit slicing’ video has racked up over 1.7 million views on Instagram alone. Even a simple idea like this can prove popular. If you have a creative idea, sometimes it’s a good idea to run with it, even if you think it’s too basic.

Hermon & Heroda

Account: being__her

Number of followers: 72.6k

Category: lifestyle/fashion

Content: Twins Hermon and Heroda are breaking down barriers with their style and fashion influence. As well as running a fashion/lifestyle blog, the twins who are both deaf are raising awareness of their disability, in addition to showing the world that they’re embracing their differences.

Tip: The twins have worked with several brands, including Invisalign UK and British clothing brand F+F. They’ve also been featured in Vogue UK and are contributing their voices to Black Lives Matter.

These ladies prove that being different doesn't have to hold you back. Use your creative skills to highlight your differences, make yourself heard, and stand out from the crowd!

Olivier Wong

Account: wonguy974

Number of followers: 563.5k

Category: travel/photography

Content: If you’re a travel or photography content creator, Olivier Wong is the perfect inspiration. The French photographer is famous for shooting street and lifestyle photography, especially around Paris where he is based.

Tip: Wong’s style is primarily based on urban and city scenes. Why don’t you try using Instagram for inspiration to play around with scenery, light, and shadow, to find your own style.

You don’t need fancy photography equipment to practise at first - cell phones now have some fantastic cameras that you can play around with. Remember to use editing apps to make your photography pop. Many Instagrammers have their own custom presets that you can purchase.

The benefits of joining other content creators on Instagram

By becoming a content creator on Instagram, you get to be rewarded by achieving amazing things:

  • Build a community of raving fans
  • Earn money with paid sponsorships, affiliate links, and selling your own products
  • Get creative – use your awesome skills to think outside the box and create content that gets people talking
  • Work with amazing brands who you adore
  • Potential career opportunities via other avenues, such as being on television and radio

The best platform for creative Instagram contents creators

Insense is the place for creators to be their most creative. By joining the Insense platform, you can apply to work with top brands, make incredible content for their ads, sponsored posts, videos, and more, and you can get paid for your work too. Insense already has over 35000 creators. Why don’t you join them today? Just click here to sign up.

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