Unboxing Videos: Tips for Brands on What Makes an Unboxing Video Successful (with Examples)

Manu Sheen
Manu Sheen
Customer Success Manager at Insense

Today, unboxing videos are among the most popular videos on social media, are a growing e-commerce trend, and a very efficient form of influencer marketing.

But are these videos the right move for your marketing strategy?

If so, what should it include to get the most video views possible?

That’s what we’re going to discuss today.

More specifically, we’re going to cover the following:

  • What an unboxing video is
  • What some must-have elements of successful unboxing videos are

Plus, we’re going to show you great unboxing video examples and take you through a step-by-step process. 

But before we get to the tea, let’s set some things straight—what is an unboxing video?

What is an Unboxing Video?

An unboxing video is when an influencer or content creator unpacks new consumer products on camera for the first time while discussing the respective products’ features, branding, packaging, and other relevant details.

Usually posted by review channels or unboxing channels, this content format is a great way to promote anything — from video games, beauty products, and mobile phones to new toys, innovative gadgets, and tech products.

Why are these videos relevant forms of advertising?

Mostly because they can cover both the awareness and interest/discovery stages of the sales funnel. 

Put another way, an unboxing video posted by the right influencer can:

  • Help new customers discover your product through the video of a content creator they follow
  • Establish trust in your brand, as people tend to trust influencers' recommendations more than other forms of advertising
  • Provide the extra push for undecided customers to make a purchase

In fact, Google says that as much as 62% of unboxing video viewers were interested in the video because they were planning to purchase the product being unboxed.

Let’s see an example of an Instagram unboxing below.

An Instagram Reel showing unboxing
Image Source: Instagram

In this video, an Instagram content creator unpacks a box full of skincare products.

Even though this is a promotional video, it doesn't feel like you're watching an ad. 

This is exactly why people trust influencers — because they are regular people talking about regular things that are relatable.

However, it isn’t all magic and sparkles.

There are certain guidelines that an unboxing video should follow to be able to reach as many people as possible.

For example, the optimal video length. 

Let’s discuss this in the following section.

How long should an unboxing video be?

The length of your unboxing videos should fit the platform you’re going to upload them on. 

Plus, you’ll also have to ensure that there’s enough time for you to cover the most important features of the product while also keeping in mind your audience preferences.

Sure, unwrapping surprise eggs or Lego can be thoroughly covered in a few seconds, but if you’re unboxing an iPhone, you would need more time to talk about every feature in detail.

So, for example, toy unboxing videos should be shorter than those covering the latest-released cell phones.

Bottom line: The length you should go for in your next unboxing video depends on the product you're promoting and the platform you’re using. 

Can you monetize unboxing videos?

Of course you can monetize unboxing videos!

Unlike video reviews that need to be super neutral, the unboxing phenomenon allows brands to request and sponsor unboxing videos as part of their product placement strategy.

In this case, the content creator might be getting reimbursed for their purchases or receive new products and free samples as payment.

It’s an efficient brand product placement strategy for businesses and a fun way to earn money for creators.

Now let’s see how you can make the unboxing experience as engaging as possible.

4 Elements of a Fabulous Unboxing Video

Let’s discuss strategies to ensure your upcoming unboxing video shines a flattering light on your product.

1. Product, packaging, and packing materials

Product packaging is an essential part of the buying experience. It’s the first tangible point of contact a customer makes with you and your product.

That’s why it’s essential to offer a sensory experience with your product unboxing—be it on-camera or not.

Take a look at Ipsos’ findings on the importance of packaging:

  • 72% of American consumers report that product packaging design is often a purchase-decision criterion
  • 67% agree that they are influenced by the packaging materials as well when shopping
  • 81% of people highlight the importance of packaging design in their purchase decision when it comes to shopping for gifts

Moreover, the same Ipsos report found that 67% of survey respondents consider cardboard a more appealing packaging material than anything else. 

Plus, 63% agree that paper or cardboard packaging makes products look more high-end.

2. Honest and authentic feedback

As a general rule, product reviews need to be absolutely bias-free and as objective as possible. 

That’s why many product review channels don’t accept sponsorships. They want to be able to provide an honest opinion to viewers without breaking their trust.

However, unboxing content is mostly sponsored and viewers are ok with that.

But this doesn’t mean that the content creator doesn’t need to provide a sincere opinion. Consumers value authenticity more than anything.

This is the reason why people trust influencers’ recommendations more than a regular ad posted by a brand.

If we break that trust, influencer marketing would not be the same. 

So, let’s keep it as honest and transparent as possible!

3. High-quality video 

Good video quality is paramount to capture all the small product details that might be relevant to the audience.

For web content, live streaming, and even mobile, it’s recommended to aim anywhere higher than a resolution of 720 (HD) and at least 30 frames per second for non-cinematic video content.

But, quality goes beyond the technical recommendations. You should also follow a structured video script without too much fluff. That’s why you would want to have a…

4. Short introduction that leads to the unboxing quickly 

Only 52% of video content consumers watch a video to the end regardless of its length and only 25% will finish a 20-minute long video.

So, it’s obvious that you should try to capture viewers' interest in the first few seconds of your videos.

This means that you should have a short and to-the-point intro and get to the unboxing as early in the video as possible.

Now, let’s get to work!

How to Create a Great Unboxing Video in 3 Simple Steps

Whether you're a brand working with creators or a creator looking to create amazing unboxing videos for brands, we've got some truly useful tips you can use to make the most of your unboxing videos, including: 

  • Finding a niche
  • Choosing the right backdrop and setup
  • Providing the right product information to the audience

{How-to Video}

Step #1: Find a niche 

First, you need to analyze the existing content on a creator’s account–or on  your own account if you’re sharing it there too. 

How does the audience interact with it?

Which video has the most views, and what is it about?

If it’s a makeup routine video, the audience is most likely going to enjoy more clips about beauty.

Equally important, a creator should keep doing what they like and what they’re good at to provide real value to the audience. 

Some might be tempted to jump on unboxing trends that have nothing to do with them or their viewers in hopes their account will become more popular.

That’s not always a good idea if a creator is lacking expertise in that direction.

Does everyone on TikTok seem to talk about the new Samsung smartphone? 

If a creator is passionate about tech, maybe they should join the conversation.

But if they have zero knowledge about technical specifications that make a good phone, better to stay out of it.

Step #2: Create a great unboxing set-up

The backdrop is everything.

Well, maybe not everything, but it’s surely essential to further:

  • Spark viewers’ interest
  • Be on the same wavelength with the products to be unboxed
  • Build a personal brand with consistent brand imagery

Let’s say a content creator is a gym enthusiast and their content revolves around fitness, workout routines, nutrition, supplements, and the like. They’ve been recently sponsored to unbox new at-home workout equipment.

Where would they film this?

  1. Their home gym
  2. In the bathroom
  3. In the kitchen

Yes, you guessed it right; it's the first option.

See what we’re getting at?

Creators need to build a relevant setup for their unboxing videos and showcase the product’s features in a fitting context.

Step #3: Show how the product can be used/how it works

There’s a high chance the viewers access the unboxing video to see it interacting with a human being.

So, the creator needs to do that!

They need to show the audience how they can use the main features of the presented products.

If it’s a new lipstick, maybe they can do a swatch on their hand, apply it to the lips, and perform the ‘transfer test’.

Does the lipstick smudge when you put on a mask?

People need to know!

You get the gist of it.

The product has to be tested in different ways to show viewers how it would fit into their daily lives.

Now let’s see how other influencers approach the unboxing of popular products.

And no, we’re not talking about Kinder eggs. 

3 Examples of Successful Unboxing Videos to Inspire You

To help you get the creative juices flowing, we’ve handpicked a few awesome videos that you can add to your inspiration playlist.

Let’s see what makes popular unboxing videos successful with 3 TikTok video examples.

1. Claire Smith Skims unboxing

Someone is super excited about receiving their Skims!

unboxing tiktok video
Image Source: TikTok

Claire’s enthusiasm in this video is super contagious. She almost got us to order some Skims products for ourselves.

Notice how she is genuinely interested in the product. Look at how she tries on the clothing, and more importantly, where.

Since Skims is selling a lifestyle, not only clothes, Claire jokingly poses as a fellow Kardashian against a luxurious living room backdrop.

And boy, she’s selling it!

2. Julie Kay Alice in Wonderland by Disney unboxing

Although it may look like that from the thumbnail, this is not a video about unboxing Disney toys. 

unboxing tiktok video
Image Source: TikTok

Instead, Julie Kay unboxes the Alice In Wonderland Collection consisting of beauty products and accessories from Spectrum Collections in collaboration with Disney.

As a beauty content creator, this video is right up her alley.

She unpacks each item individually, taking a moment to show it to the camera so the viewers have time to take in the info.

And look how she matched her nail design and sweater color to the occasion. 

That’s lovely!

3. Notebook Therapy unboxing haul

Rachel, a stationery and journaling enthusiast, presents her followers a new notebook collection sent to her by Notebook Therapy.

Unboxing tiktok video
Image Source: Instagram

Her video is aligned with the brand sponsoring her. Moreover, the products are relevant to the influencer's niche.

The video itself is short and sweet, conveying the brand's message very clearly through the mood she created with the clean and crisp imagery and relaxing soundtrack.

We’re almost done here. 

Oh, but one more thing before we say our goodbyes!

Bonus: How to Get Content Creators to Create Unboxing Videos for Your Brand

In case you’re a small business or a brand owner and would like to hop on the unboxing trend, see our tips below.

Tip #1: Find the right content creators in your industry

We understand that it can be difficult finding the right content creator to promote your product.

Insense can help you overcome any obstacle that might stand between you and stellar content.

Our platform works like a job-posting platform specifically created to bridge the gap between skillful creators and brands.

Insense's campaign button

Simply put, Insense enables you to:

  1.  Create detailed content briefs
  2. Post your project on the platform
  3. Receive applications from content creators matching your requirements

It’s that easy!

Plus, you can also browse our Creator Marketplace and explore the works of hundreds of thousands of creators. 

You can see the previous projects they’ve worked on, read about their skills, and more!

Insense's creator marketplace

If you want to know more, read about how to set up your TikTok campaign with Insense where we take you through a step-by-step process of creating your first campaign on our platform.

Tip #2: Make sure your product, packaging, and packing materials are camera-friendly

We’ve already established how important packaging is.

Now, before sending your product to your creative collaborators to unbox and review it, make sure your box is camera-ready.

If you’re sending multiple items in the same box, take care of each product’s packaging individually and make sure they stack nicely.

Choose packaging materials that are in your brand colors and correspond to your brand imagery, and feel free to include any cute stickers.

The point is that you should take care of the first impression your product is going to make.

After all, the whole point of unboxing videos is to create content that is pleasing to the eye and puts your brand and product in a good light.

A damaged, wrinkled cardboard box won't do you any good.

Tip #3: Write a comprehensive and engaging creator brief to explain what you need

In order for a creator to make tailored content for your business needs, you need to provide them with as much relevant information as possible.

That’s why you need to fill out a thorough creator brief before any collaboration.

At Insense, we make sure you don’t forget any detail necessary for your success.

Specifically, we offer you the ability to input the necessary instructions and data in a structured way.

Insense's brief

Tip #4: Allow creators to be honest and creative

Lastly, it’s important to give your collaborators the freedom to get creative with your product while speaking their minds about the good and the bad.

Let them be honest, as this would be a great opportunity for you to identify product weaknesses and step up your game.

That’s all from us.

Now Over to You

Now, where’s the bubble wrap?

Quick, get your products ready, pack them nice and tight, and head over to our platform to find a professional to unbox them!

Book a free demo with Insense to discover talented people with out-of-the-box (pun intended) thinking who are ready to introduce your brand to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are unboxing videos still popular?

Unboxing videos are definitely popular today as they offer consumers a feel of how other people interact with and use a certain product. 

This need is further exacerbated by the increasing popularity of e-commerce as the preferred shopping method for most people.

Moreover, according to Google Trends, the popularity of unboxing videos has remained pretty constant over the past five years (with occasional highs and lows, of course).

Q2. Who started unboxing videos?

Lewis Hilsenteger, an ex-Apple tech repair store owner, started recording videos of himself unboxing and testing new devices and gadgets.

He would then upload his videos on YouTube, and soon after, other creators would follow his video format.

This gained traction and became a trend on social media as well as a new advertising opportunity for brands worldwide.

Q3. Why do people like unboxing videos?

Aside from being entertaining, unboxing videos document a real-life customer interaction with a product.

This is important to viewers because, as studies show, the majority watches unboxing videos of products they are planning to purchase.

Moreover, this video format is generally easy to watch and is often very engaging.

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