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To understand what the branded content tool is, we must first define the concept of “branded content” on Instagram.

The term - branded content - refers to posts that, as the network puts it, features or has been influenced by a business partner in exchange for “value” - typically payment.

You might have seen branded content marked with the text “paid partnership” in your feed already.

The branded content tool facilitates such partnerships between brands and creators and makes them more transparent to the end-user.

How Do Branded Content Tools Work on Instagram

#1. Creators

Creators are often publishing content sponsored or commissioned by brands. With the branded content tool, they can make the partnership more authentic and transparent without spending too much time on the post tagging process. All they need to do is to go to “advanced settings” for Instagram feed posts to select the “tag business partner” option.

Once the post goes live, the business partner is notified about the tagging to access the post’s insights.

#2. Brands

As a brand, you can commission an Instagram partner, influencer, or ambassador to create content on your behalf, promoting the brand or its product.

Once the post goes live, you are notified that a creator has tagged you in branded content. With the branded content tool, you can approve the tag to confirm the brand partnership or remove it.

The tool also gives you access to look at the organic insights of the branded content to measure its success.

Another option for brands to make the most of the branded content tool is to boost the post as part of an advertising campaign. Instead of just reaching the influencers’ followers, you can expand the audience to your preference.

(TIP: You can also take your partnerships to the next level through Insense’s talented pool of creators who make the branded content process even easier.)

How Do Branded Content Tools Work on Instagram

Improving Your Branded Content with Whitelisting

Once you start understanding how Instagram’s branded content tool works, it’s important to find the best solution to managing those partnerships.

For the strategy to work, both creators and brands must be happy with the branded content, after all.

This is where whitelisting can be beneficial.

What is Whitelisting?

Whitelisting is the process of gaining advertising permissions to a creator’s account to improve the branded content.

For example, brands can benefit from whitelisting by having the flexibility to promote their product the way they want. They can add a call-to-action such as "Shop Now" in the branded content or even create "dark posts" to make sure that the content doesn't show up in the creator's feed.

Except for flexibility, you also need trust for whitelisting to work. Creators should trust the brand when they grant them access to the content, and there should be prior agreement on the expectations of this partnership.

Overall, whitelisting can help your brand in different ways:

  1. Gain direct access to the influencers’ branded content
  2. Have the flexibility to make the necessary edits
  3. Turn the content into relevant ads
  4. Save time
  5. Build trust with creators
Improving Your Branded Content with Whitelisting

How to Find the Best User-generated Content in Your Next Paid Ads Campaign

There is no point in sugarcoating this - Discovering the most appropriate creators for your next branded content campaign can be intense, time-consuming, and exhausting.

That’s where we can help.

The Insense community can help you access a diverse pool of creators from various categories, demographics, and content themes.

User-generated posts combined with whitelisting can help you discover relevant content that fits your criteria without necessarily spending too much time on a production studio.

Moreover, whitelisting and platforms like Insense allow you to make the amplification easier with the integration with Ads Manager to turn user-generated content into engaging ads through the creators’ handles.

Gain direct access to the influencers’ branded contentHave the flexibility to make the necessary editsTurn the content into relevant adsSave timeBuild trust with creatorsHow to Find the Best User-generated Content in Your Next Paid Ads Campaign

Get Started with Branded Content Easily with Insense

Branded content can help you increase your brand’s reach and awareness on Instagram. However, to make it work, you must set up a process that makes the collaboration with partners easier, and that’s where Insense comes in.

Insense helps you manage the entire process of getting and promoting branded content - finding influencers, generating the content, and monitoring its impact.

See for yourself how easy it is to manage branded content with Insense.

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