Complete Guide to TikTok Spark Ads

Spark Ads are the only ad option with a 100% native in-feed format, which is why they typically have higher CTRs and CVRs.

Complete Guide to TikTok Spark Ads

What will you gain from this eBook?

The A-Z of Spark Ads for beginners + how they differ from regular TikTok Ads.

How to drive higher conversions through Spark Ads, for eComm brands.

Actionable ways to improve your TikTok marketing strategy for better ROAS.

5 UGC scroll-stopping creative types for TikTok Spark Ads you need to try

What's inside?

  • Back to basics: What are Spark Ads? And how to set up a Spark Ads campaign (step-by-step)
  • How to quickly increase reach on TikTok to grow your audience and drive traffic to your eComm website
  • How to win at Spark Ads by working with TikTok content creators
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