Advertising through a Creator Voice

Enhance your ad performance by whitelisting your influencers and creators.

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  • What is Influencer Whitelisting?

  • How Does Influencer Whitelisting Work?

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  • Step-by-step: how to whitelist on FB&IG

Enhance Your Ad Performance By Whitelisting Your Influencers and Creators

Access New Audiences

By whitelisting your influencers, you can create new audiences from their followers and engagement (including Lookalikes), bypassing targeting iOS 14 restrictions.

Improve ROAS

Adding UGC into your ad creative via whitelisting and having the ad originate from your influencer’s handle will improve your conversions and sales.

Use Advanced Tactics

Whitelisting your influencers allows you to access their content and audience while also using the full power of Ads Manager; not just Boosted Posts.

Whitelist Creators at Scale

Not just a random creator here and there—whitelisting multiple influencers allows you to scale your UGC program without getting disorganized.

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