Discovering healthy eating food bloggers on social media: healthy food bloggers from Instagram and Youtube

Alex Fedorenko
Alex Fedorenko
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Food and its sharing have always been a social thing, going along with human history for many centuries across all cultures and countries. But these years the consumption of food was taken to a whole new level by the skyrocketing rise of social media, which in fact changed the way we eat. Starting from sharing recipes and posting our daily meals on Youtube and Instagram, it has ended up with a niche of food ambassadors who turn their passion into a career.

With the help of social media, it becomes easier to eat well and stick to a healthy lifestyle. There is a huge foodie community all over the world, which creates support and gives recommendations on healthy eating.

Why healthy food bloggers are so popular?

Instagram and Youtube food influencers promote not only their opinions on cooking but also their lifestyle – especially when we're talking about healthy food bloggers.

They have loyal followers who seek inspiration and advice and can get them first-hand. Healthy food has undoubtedly become not only a trend but a movement. Health-conscious consumers are ready to waste their time on finding healthy products: "free-from", "no added", "all natural" and "organic".

Social media is the place, and influencer marketing is a way to market healthy food. Marketers understand it: in 2020, the global market for healthy foods is expected to grow by 6%, and the health and wellness market size will increase by $1299.84 billion during 2020-2024.

Wholesome food bloggers across the Instagram

We pulled six healthy food bloggers on Instagram from Insense. They provide the best recipes, healthy eating strategies, stunning and mouthwatering photos, and endless inspiration for creativity.

Rachel Steenland's account counts 178k followers, keen on her tasty and easy vegan recipes and colorful feed. These photos look so nice you literally want to take a bite from them. We won't talk a lot, just go and check it by yourself, and maybe that will be the day you become vegan.

muesli bar

Blog named ohsodelicioso is fully justifying its name. Two friends – Des and Kadee – post, as they call it, real food for real life, interspersing with funny and motivational food-related quotes. It seems like their 44,7 followers love them not only for the delicious recipes worth saving but much for their сheerful outlook both on life and cooking.

a plate of quinoa and peas

Rebecca Lilly is basing in Orlando, Dallas. Her page counts 20,7k followers, and she describes herself as a wellness enthusiast and recipe developer, although she works as a financial analyst. At her blog, you'll find some vegan goodies on a par with meat and homemade bread recipes.

a green smoothie

Morrea from Los Angeles has 13.3k followers and is a holistic health coach, advocating for both gut and mental health. Her feed is beautiful and calm, all in pastel colors, and one would assume that Morrea sticks to a vegan diet, but no: here you'll find healthy recipes including meat, fish, and eggs, even though most recipes are still vegan.

strawberries on a bowl and a hand holding a green smoothie

Christine lives in Normal (yes, it's a real place) and shares food, family and fun. She posts "easy recipes with allergies in mind and kid's activities for busy moms". Although her audience is only 4,5k users, that's undoubtedly very engaged and devoted followers, forming a strong community.

broccoli chicken and carrots on a container

Panther is an Arizona foodie. There are about 3k followers on her blog, but the quality of photos can compete with large and popular accounts. Our advice is to pay attention to this blog until the partnership with Panther became too expensive!

breakfast bowl

Healthy eating food bloggers on Youtube

Here are six great food bloggers from Youtube. The amount of their followers is different, but what unites them is original and compelling video content.

On Siri's channel called A Wildflower Life, she and her 37,5k followers share a passion for healthy living. Here you'll find recipe ideas and meal inspiration, mindfulness and lifestyle tips and also fitness and travel videos.

tomato chickpeas and rice

Nisha describes herself as a self-taught vegan chef, food blogger and photographer, who love sharing how fun, delicious, and rewarding a vegan lifestyle can be. She also posts healthy lifestyle tips and strategies for improving food photography, and her channel counts 162k followers.

meal prep food

Brittany Mullins is a health coach and personal trainer who shares quick and healthy recipes, workout tips, wellness advice with her 12,6 followers.

premade breakfast jar

Greenhealthycooking channel has 21,7 k users who follow Lorena for healthy international recipes made with clean ingredients. Let's join her on a culinary trip around the world!

a cold summer beverage

Sweet Peas & Saffron channel is run by Denise Bustard and is dedicated to food that could be prepped ahead and stored in the fridge or freezer for easy breakfasts, lunches and dinners, or in other words meal preps. Denise posts healthy meal prep recipes that won't take much time and will save your money, and are appreciated by 41,5k followers.

a plate with two bruschettes

Brita is from Portland, Oregon. She offers easy plant-based recipes for the omnivores looking to improve their health and the planet's health. Her channel counts 2,5 k followers, and she posts new videos weekly.

hand holding a donut

Finding healthy food bloggers with Insense

You have to choose the right creator for your marketing campaign's success – the one that shares the passion for food and is keen on your brand or service. Since the visual appearance of food at social media means a lot – if we're not saying all – it is essential to find the influencer who makes a unique and beautiful video or photo content.

This is when Insense could help. We have vetted food bloggers and creators on Youtube and Instagram. Over there, we made a list of healthy food influencers we've found on Insense. You can do it too. All you have to do is choose the target audience country and type hashtags you need, then clarify category, demographics, and price if needed.

Our search engine will found bloggers within a minute, and then you can tap the one you like to take a closer look and get some useful statistics on their audience, content, and engagement rate.

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