How To Become A Beauty Influencer on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide to Influencing

Alex Fedorenko
Alex Fedorenko
Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Insense

Imagine a tribe of raving fans and the latest beauty products being sent to you from the hottest brands.

Being a beauty influencer is something many people want to do, which is why it’s getting more difficult to become one. But, having a strategy which shows you how to build an audience and get in front of beauty brands to show them your awesome beauty skills will give your influencing career a huge boost.

In this article, we’ll show you how to become a beauty influencer with 4 top tips you can start implementing to build your social media career. Let’s get started.

The best tips on how to become a beauty influencer

Your dream of being a beauty influencer can become a reality if you follow these expert tips.

Share your passion of beauty and makeup


One of the most followed Influencers on Instagram is beauty guru Huda Kattan who has a post value of just over $186,000. While this influencer has her own brand, many fashion and beauty businesses are willing to pay top dollar for working with an influencer.

If you want to work with beauty brands, it’s important to share your passion on social media. There are many ways you can do this on Instagram, whether you adore creating makeup looks or sharing your knowledge of beauty products.

Also, try extending your knowledge outside of Instagram to help drive people to your profile. You can do this by:

  • Guest blogging on a beauty website
  • Starting a Facebook group for beauty fans
  • Commenting on beauty forums, including channels on Reddit

Stay consistent on Instagram

woman writing on her laptop

While you can start implementing your beauty knowledge outside of social media, it’s important to keep a consistent presence on Instagram. Why? Because this is where beauty brands are most likely to find you.

This year, 69% of marketers planned to spend money on Instagram campaigns. That means if you want beauty brands to discover you, you need to keep showing up. Instagram is a great place to start your influencing career as you can make outstanding images, video, and live content.

To engage with users, and grow your Instagram following, try:

  • Using relevant hashtags to get found. #beautybloggers, #instamakeup, #skincarejunkie, #makeupjunkie, #IGskincare are all great specific hashtags to use on your posts as they’re highly relevant for beauty, makeup and skincare fans.
  • Collaborate with other beauty Instagrammers – you can run a joint giveaway, take over their account to share your beauty knowledge, go ‘live’ together, etc.
  • Comment on other beauty Instagrammers posts and engage with them. You should also comment on brand accounts too. This is a great way for people to discover your account.
  • Stay consistent – abandoning your account for months will make people assume that you’ve left Instagram behind. Try scheduling tools for continual posting.

Flaunt your personal style

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With over one billion users on Instagram, you’re going to need to stand out to get noticed. Obviously, not all of those users are interested in beauty, but showcasing your unique personality is going to help you stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to gaining the attention of brands.

Think about what makes ‘you’. Maybe you have a unique look, an interesting way of applying makeup, or are interested in a particular style of makeup and beauty. Whatever makes you different, ensure you highlight it and make it your USP. Your USP is your ‘unique selling point’. This is what’s going to help your favorite brands find you, and want to work with you as a beauty influencer.

Join the right beauty influencer communities

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There are several online communities specifically designed to help influencers collaborate with brands. With a platform like Insense, you can create engaging content in exchange for money or products. This helps you to take your influencing career to the next level as you gain experience of making creative content with brands, as well as potentially gaining exposure via their social or web channels.

There are many different ways in which beauty influencers work with brands via a community. With Insense, you can apply to work with brands, or a brand may reach out to you directly. Either way, the brand will have a campaign in mind and will collaborate with you to create a piece of content.

The creatives that beauty influencers normally produce for brands include:

  • An unboxing video featuring their products
  • A product review video or image content
  • Product demonstration showing how their product works
  • Photography of their products/brand
  • Live content, such as a Q+A session – this may be in partnership with a brand ‘expert’
  • Sponsored giveaway

Working with a platform like Insense gives you direct access to leading brands, and ensures that you get paid in return for delivering the specified content.

Brands tend to look at certain metrics, such as number of subscribers and engagement rates, in addition to the overall content you’re publishing on your Instagram account. You don’t need to have a super large following to work with beauty brands. Many businesses are aware of the benefits of working with smaller accounts, for example, micro-influencers often have bigger engagement rates than those with millions of followers.

Naturally, as you evolve and your content develops, you’ll likely find that you’re attracting more and more beauty brands to your account. Let’s take a look at some influencers who are already working with brands via Insense.

Top examples of how to become makeup influencer

Take a look at some beauty influencers who’ve collaborated with brands on Insense:

influencer promoting a product
influencer promoting a product
influencer promoting a beauty product
influencer promoting a beauty product

Start earning money as an influencer today

If you want to start working with awesome beauty brands, and earn money as a beauty influencer on Instagram, join Insense.

Our creator community already boasts thousands of incredible influencers who are partnering with leading brands to produce amazing content in exchange for payment. Why don’t you join them now? Just click here to become part of our influencer community today.

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