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Manana Papiashvili
Manana Papiashvili
Head of Growth at Insense

Insense is an online platform that connects eCommerce companies with thousands of content creators to produce user-generated content (UGC) for better ad performance. By working with Insense, you’ll be able to generate qualitative ads for different social media platforms and get instant access to all the benefits that come from working with a TikTok & Meta partner. 

What does it mean to be a Meta Business Partner?

To become a Meta Business Partner your company has to meet the highest standards of service and performance. This badge is given to companies that have proven expertise in running ads, selling products, and helping multiple businesses grow. Our platform being selected as one of them, proves that Insense is among the best in the industry. 

Being part of Meta’s business partnership program shows the high-quality creatives that are being produced by Insense’s 20,000+ vetted creators across the globe. Content creators on Insense go through a vetting process and are chosen based on their portfolio and experience. On the platform, our customers can communicate directly with creators and evaluate their performance.

“This partnership allows us to implement new marketing products in the area of creative production for paid social. High-quality mobile-first creatives allow companies to reduce CPC by 3X and at least double their overall ROAS”
- Danil Saliukov, the CEO and Co-Founder.

What does the future of creator marketing look like?

In 2019, advertising expenses on video ads amounted to $91 billion. The research company Forrester forecasts that by 2023 advertisers will spend around $103 billion per year on video ads. With so much spending, it’s important to have an edge and get it right.

56% of brand sales can be attributed to creative ad quality. And on mobile, the gap between a good and bad creative is significant. 

Creatives are one of the most significant parts of any ad campaign, but the best creatives are the ones that easily adapt to new formats and user behaviors. 

Being part of the Meta Business partnership allows Insense to be constantly updated with Meta’s best practices and newest features. And of course, we share all this information with our customers and content creators so they can use and achieve better results with paid ads.

Did you know? If you bok a demo with Insense, you get a customized paid social ad strategy as well as instant access to creatives for paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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Manana Papiashvili

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