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Manana Papiashvili
Manana Papiashvili
Head of Growth at Insense

If your business is looking for easier ways to reach a larger audience on TikTok, you’ll be glad to know that we are one of TikTok’s first marketing partners and we have been for a while. 

Our partnership with TikTok allows brands of all sizes to collaborate with TikTok-certified content creators within our platform. 

If you’re a marketer, you will have an accurate picture of your campaign’s performance through real-time impression tracking and campaign monitoring. You can also work with one of our 20,000+ content creators that help e-commerce brands of all types produce cost-efficient content, often within 10 days.


Insense’s software streamlines the communication between creators and brands to easily and quickly run TikTok campaigns. This is very convenient because you can keep everything you need in one place. For example, when running Spark Ads you can share the authorization code on our integrated chat feature. 

With a platform like Insense, you can communicate directly with creators with integrated contracts and agreement processes. Whereas with TikTok Creator Marketplace you need to handle all the paperwork yourself. 

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Easily track cross-platform ad performance

Because Insense has an API integration with TikTok, you will be able to track everything. From conversations in your videos comment section to profiles and video metrics. Being able to successfully run campaigns on TikTok and connect with creatives from different platforms in the same place is a real time saver.

If you’re wondering if your brand should start promoting on TikTok, you should keep in mind this:  in 2022 the app reached over 1.39 billion monthly active users and 1.8 billion are predicted by the end of the year.  

So it’s fair to say that, advertising on TikTok will make you reach a much wider audience and stay relevant in the eComm industry. 

Maybe you want to do some creative testing, drive brand engagement, build trust with social proof or simply, showcase your brand’s benefits to your target audience. 

As Insense has been around for several years working with thousands of creators and helping marketing agencies reach their specific goals… we can confidently say we know a thing or two about influencer marketing.

Over time, our team has collected valuable insights and strategies that we like to share with our users to improve their campaign performance. Like, how to make a flawless brief and get exactly the content you asked for.

Easy access to high-quality UGC for TikTok

For many brands, it feels daunting to start advertising on an entirely new platform. 

This is why a creative marketing platform like ours, simplifies things. Through our partnership, you can now engage with the TikTok community and generate authentic engaging ads for your audience. 

We created Insense as an easy way to partner with the most interesting TikTok creators like brennanmejia, ericgoldie and amywesttravel, just to name a few.

By using our platform, you can talk directly to content creators and minimize the hassle of going back and forth with long email chains and document sharing. Insense’s software design makes connecting with content creators easy by centralizing your communications in one place. 

Connect with high-quality content creators, brief them, review their proposed content and authorize a secure payment after you approve the content. Oh and, by the way, we also handle the copyrighting so you own all of the content you commission on Insense. 

Collaborate with our creators and generate creative, authentic, relevant, engaging, and trendy content based on your preferences at any time. Plus, it’s affordable. 

If you’re a brand in need of effective branded video content for TikTok-optimized ads, we’ve got you covered. 

Not only do we have an automated briefing feature that will save you a lot of time but we also offer you a 1-2-1 strategy call to help you win TikTok ads, just book a call and let us do the rest. 

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