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Brands who are looking to reach audiences on TikTok more easily will be glad to know that we’ve officially become one of TikTok’s first global creative marketing partners! We’re pleased to announce our partnership with TikTok which allows brands of all sizes to collaborate with amazing TikTok content creators directly from our platform. Plus, we have deep integration with the TikTok Ads Manager. That means Insense users can quickly and easily transfer ad creative from Insense chat straight to the TikTok Ads Manager. As a company and as individuals, our team takes pride in the fact that we have 35,000 high-quality content creators who can help e-commerce brands of all types produce cost-efficient content, often within 7 days.

Why Brands Should Use TikTok

TikTok is one of the most used social platforms that exists. Their audience has grown immensely since their launch in 2016, and they’ve helped popularize user-generated content.

When we say popular, we mean it. In August, TikTok estimated that they have 50 million daily active users in the United States alone. Plus, there are nearly 100 million monthly active U.S. users, which is close to an 800% percent increase from January of 2018. Advertising on TikTok can allow brands to reach a much wider audience and stay relevant within their industry. 

Make TikToks, Not Ads

For many brands, it feels daunting to start advertising on an entirely new platform. That’s where we come in and where our partnership with TikTok makes things even easier. We created Insense as an easy way to partner with the most interesting TikTok creators like brennanmejia, ericgoldie and amywesttravel, just to name a few.

Our platform allows you to talk directly to content creators and minimizes the need to go back and forth with long email chains and document sharing. We’ve built our platform intuitively to make connecting with content creators easy by centralizing your communications all in one place. Within our platform, you can connect with high-quality content creators, brief them, review their proposed content and authorize a secure payment after you approve the content.

By the way, we handle the copyrighting so you own all of the content you commission on Insense. Our content creators can make content that’s creative, authentic, relevant, engaging and trendy, all based on your personal preferences. Plus, it’s affordable. If you’re a brand in need of effective and affordable branded video content for TikTok optimized ads, we’ve got you covered. We have everything you need in one place.

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