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For marketers Christmas season usually starts in summer – we elaborate promo campaigns, estimate sales plans, set KPIs and make heart-warming holiday online videos. And as the future of many brick-and-mortar businesses remains uncertain, the role of social media marketing and influencers who provide brands with high-quality content becomes even more crucial.

Christmas campaigns on social media – how are they going to look like in 2020? To help you create the best Christmas social media campaign and win your audience over in the post-pandemic world, we collected recommendations from the top-marketers.

How to Craft Creative Christmas Social Media Campaigns That Will Win Your Audience Over?

In the uncertainty of the post-pandemic world, it’s difficult to predict what kind of social media communication our customers would expect during this particular holiday time. But the observation about customer behavior of the last six months could give us some insight of how to create the perfect Christmas marketing campaign. Let’s have a deeper look into the strategies that would help us to melt our customers' hearts during this unusual Christmas time.

1. Consider the Situation but Don’t Be Afraid to Celebrate

It might seem tempting to celebrate holiday time to the fullest and to get your customers distracted from the difficulties and inconveniences of the current situation. But the reality is that traditional extended all-family gatherings, massive club parties and other traditional big holiday events might not be possible for many.

But does it mean that celebration shouldn’t happen? Of course, no! Ask yourself – what your brand can offer to help people get connected and bring them the feeling of togetherness? Give your creative team a task to think of alternative ways of emotional yet still safe celebration where your brand would play an essential part.

If you represent a small company or your creative team is focused on another type of work, you may choose to outsource this job to highly-skilled freelancers. One of the most convenient tools to find social media creators for your project in the Insense platform where you can choose creators based on their specialization and skill level.

2. Think of Boomers and Generation X When Creating Your Social Media Christmas Ads

Traditionally social media has been the youngsters’ territory, but during the COVID-19 lockdown, this trend has changed dramatically. Today boomers and X generation folks represent the major consuming force in social media. Although they’re not as proficient in TikTok, Instagram and other social media as their children and grandchildren, they’re eager to fill this gap.

What does it mean for marketers? As generation X and boomers are still new to digital and social media, our job as marketing specialists is to help them to get the best from the digital world. Seamless and convenient online user experience is what they are craving for. If you work with influencers, drive attention to your brand with relevant, similar age opinion-makers. For example, on Insense platform you could find various influencers and choose them based on their gender, location and age.

3. Offer Experiences Not Goods

Although staycation is more relevant today than vacation, people still are willing to try new things when on holidays. Surprisingly, this trend hasn’t changed much during the pandemic. Even the opposite – many started new creative hobbies during the lockdown.

So why not to use this craving for new experiences which becomes even more keen during holiday time? With the help of social media influencers, your brand can help your customers to learn new exciting hobbies like botanical watercolor or flamenco dance, visit such faraway places as Shetland Isles, Botswana or spend a day with organic coffee growers from Hawaii.

The most exciting thing for marketers here is that nowadays you don’t have to search for relevant influence yourselves – on such platforms as Insense you could pick influencers based on their location, hobbies and personal interests.

4. Self-indulgence as a Heart of Your Christmas Campaigns on Social Media

The self-gifting trend has been around for some time, but some experts predict that during this Christmas it would become even more prominent. And it’s not surprising – the long period of staying at home took its toll on all of us, so why not indulge ourselves, especially on holiday time?

With the help of skilled social media creators, you can make your product get noticed even during ad-saturated Christmas time. Product reviews, tutorials, sweepstakes and other promo activities are a good way to drive sales and raise your brand’s awareness. Check out the Insense platform to hire the best influencers who would create a competitive and outstanding Christmas social media campaign.

5. Make This Meal Special

The pandemic has disrupted many spheres of our lives, including food habits. More than ever people started cooking at home, became more conscious about what they eat, and shifted towards online grocery shopping.

So how could your brand turn a regular meal into the festive one? Even if your brand is not directly food-related, you can make it part of the game. Culinary bloggers is a vast and very popular online community, and many of them would be happy to get your brand integrated into their Christmas-themed cooking content.

6. Holiday Gift Helper

As the traditional holiday shopping would be mostly moved online, for brands it’s an opportunity to reconsider their customer service techniques. Many customers who used to spend hours picking the best presents for their loved ones would be grateful if your brand would offer the same consumer experience as they would have in a brick-and-mortar store.

On Insense platform you would find charismatic influencers who would happily play the role of your shop assistants or brand ambassadors. They might offer their gift lifehacks, provide detailed product reviews and give personalized gift recommendations.

7. The DIY Trend Is Still There

Do you remember the time when our social media feeds were full of home-baked sourdough bread loaves, DIY haircuts and balcony gardens? Experts expect that that trend would be still present during the Christmas time.

If your brand can be used in a DIY context, use this opportunity to the fullest. Homemade Christmas tree decorations, makeshift costumes and party props – holidays are the perfect time to unleash the fantasy and spend quality time with a family. Check if your brand would help people to add a DIY flavour to the Christmas time celebration.

8. Explore New Territories – in All Senses

Some say that any crisis reveals an opportunity to explore new territories and discover new horizons. If you have been staying away from the influencers market, maybe it’s time to reconsider your decision and start using this tool for your brand’s good.

On Insense platform you would find lots of useful information that would help you to launch your first influencer social media campaign. Christmas is a perfect time to revamp your marketing tactics and reboot your brand communication even in the post-pandemic world.