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Black Friday / Cyber Monday marketing differs from everyday marketing strategies – especially this year. Through-out plan of Cyber Monday sale marketing will help you overtake your competitors in the race for customers’ attention. In this article, we'll share the best Cyber Monday marketing tips to convince customers to shop with you. Use these Cyber Monday marketing ideas and Cyber Monday marketing strategies and see how much revenue this day will bring you!

Cyber Monday – what is it?

Cyber Monday was invented back in 2005 by the US’ National Retail Federation and to promote online shopping and boost online sales for the first internet retailers, and also let small retailers compete with big ones.

2020 is the 15th anniversary of the Cyber Monday, and since these days Cyber Monday became more popular than Black Friday. Its phenomenon continues to grow: according to Adobe Analytics report, this day in 2019 customers spent more than $9.4 billion which is up nearly 19% from a $7.9 billion in 2018.

Cyber Monday – what is it?

Black Friday / Cyber Monday marketing – why is it so important?

These are the most important, the biggest, and the busiest shopping events for online retailers: you can earn a significant amount of your revenue in only 24 hours. The pandemic made retailers focus entirely on e-commerce, which grows and will continue to grow. Cyber Monday is the main savings event of the year and is a great opportunity to increase profits, attract and gain new customers, and keep the old ones loyal. Customers looking forward to spending their money and your goal is to help them and make their shopping experience as exciting as possible. So this year your marketing strategy should be more competitive than ever.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday marketing – why is it so important?

Cyber Monday marketing tips and Cyber Monday sale marketing to drive customers your way

  • Sell in bundles

Bundle your products and services together for a limited-time instead of selling them individually. It’s a great incentive for several reasons. First, customers are looking for deals. So themed gifts and gifts sets are nice presents. Then it’s a good way to increase the average order value and upsell shoppers to a slightly higher price. Arrange and categorize items and showcase sets, bundles, one-plus-one offers. It will boost engagement and improve conversion rates.

  • Offer something very exclusive

When creating an offer, remember that people are looking not so much for deals as for maximum value for their dollar. Make your offer irresistible and let people think they get a lot more when paying a lot less. Run flash sales – limited-time offers and short-term discounts or promotions. These can be a one-day-only deal, deal-of-the-day, and even 1-hour deals on everything or on chosen items. Scarcity, urgency, the fear of missing out, and the discount itself encourage people to buy and increase the rate of impulse buying.

  • Come up with creative gift wrapping and packaging

It will help you stand out among competitors, show that you care about customers, and make their shopper experience more memorable.

  • Create a guide of gifts

Create gift guides for different segments of your target audience. For example, provide customers with a list of gifts for under a certain price. Or make up the list of items you recommend to buy for customer's significant others – family, friends, and associates. People can feel overwhelmed by the number of deals they see, so make it easier for customers to discover, choose, and buy your stuff. Guide them and it will definitely pay off.

  • Stay open longer

The internet is open day and night, but support is not. To attract people who avoid the day’s frenzy, make your customer service open longer for support these days. Change hours of operation on your site and let your customers know it in one of your marketing emails, on social media, and on your website.

  • Partner with influencers

Getting recommendations and endorsements from influencers also could be great tactics to drive sales during seasonal campaigns and build brand awareness and trust. For example, let influencers promote a set of their favorite products or give them a personal discount code, catered to their followers. The key is to choose the influencer who has a deep connection with your audience. You can choose from someone you successfully collaborated with before or find a new face to promote your sale. That’s when Insense could help.

  • Offer free shipping or free items

People love freebies! Especially on holidays. They’ve already spent money on others and want to cheer themselves too. So let’s cheer them up! Use free shipping or offer a free gift. You can give it away to every customer or set a minimum order price to get it. It is fun for shoppers, and for you, it’s an opportunity to introduce them to new products, highlight underperforming items, and also clean up your stock before Christmas.

  • Prepare your social media profiles

Update and coordinate all your social media accounts – banners, bios, descriptions, and links should advertise your Cyber Monday deals.

  • Take care of your site

Prepare your site for increasing traffic, so it won't crash at the most crucial moment. All of the above will be сompletely useless, if your site doesn’t open, and the customer can’t place the order.

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