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Many brands don’t see the difference between TikTok videos and Instagram Reels. And for this reason, they do not understand why they should leverage both types of content in their marketing strategies.

But the truth is that TikTok videos and IG Reels are two different things: they attract diverse audiences and serve different purposes. If you focus on producing one type of content, you will waste a great opportunity to improve your brand visibility.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of using TikTok vs. IG Reels. Also, we will give you tips on how you can up-level your content strategy. Let’s get started!

TikTok vs. IG Reels: Key Differences

First of all, let’s figure out why Instagram Reels feel exactly like TikTok.

The thing is that some content creators upload videos to TikTok and then share the same videos on Instagram. And that may confuse us as video content consumers – since we watch the same video on two different platforms, it makes us believe that there is no difference between TikTok videos and Instagram Reels.

Here is an example. Marta Sierra shares the same short video on both platforms: TikTok and Instagram.

TikTok vs. IG Reels: Key Differences

So what’s the real difference between IG Reels and TikTok videos? Let’s discuss this topic in more detail.

Editing features

TikTok is a stand-alone app designed for video creators. It has such editing features as song recommendations and automatic clip trimming. All the features are powered by artificial intelligence, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the video creation process.

Reels is a feature inside Instagram, and it has limited functionality. IG Reels allows users to create short video montages, using copyrighted music and adding effects like emojis and speed-up motion. IG Reels has a more complicated interface while lacks some necessary editing features.

Video length

TikTok allows its users to record videos for up to 60 seconds. Instagram Reels are twice shorter – users can record videos for up to 30 seconds.

Basically, both platforms allow you to create short videos. But TikTok gives you more time and provides you with more space for creativity.

Music options

TikTok provides users with access to Sound Library that offers a great variety of music options. Whether you want to overlay your video with a popular song or some original sounds – you will find a suitable music option within the app.

Instagram does not provide business accounts with a similar feature because it hasn’t resolved an issue associated with copyright infringement yet. If you want to add music to your IG Reel, you need to edit your video using another app.


TikTok utilizes an AI-powered algorithm that recommends content based on users’ ever-changing preferences. The system analyzes users’ interests by tracking users’ interactions, scanning video information, and checking device and account settings. As a result, every user gets access to a unique, customized “For You” page.


Instagram doesn’t reveal the full information on how the system chooses Reels for the Explore Page. The algorithm likely takes into account location, interests, followings, and users’ interactions. In contrast to TikTok, Instagram may display similar Explore Pages for users who have similar interests.



TikTok videos and IG Reels appeal to different audiences.

TikTok attracts Generation Z, and younger Millennials – 52% of TikTok users are under 30 years old.


Instagram Reels attracts other demographics – 49% of Instagram users are of age group 25-44.


TikTok vs. IG Reels: 5 Reasons Why You Should Create Both Types of Content

TikTok videos and IG Reels have many things in common, but still, they are two different types of social media content. If you want to boost your marketing efforts and improve your brand awareness, we highly suggest you leverage them both in your strategy.

Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons to create diverse video content for TikTok and Instagram.

Reach a wider audience

Some of your prospective customers use Instagram; others – use TikTok. If you create content only for one of these platforms, you will reach just one part of your target audience.

To increase reach and engagement, you should create both types of content: TikTok videos and Instagram reels. It will allow you to improve the visibility and discoverability of your brand.

Express your creative side

TikTok and Instagram offer different editing features and require you to record videos of different lengths. It means that if you have a great content idea, you need to find multiple ways to bring it to life to make it work on these two platforms. It’s your chance to express your creativity and present your brand in the most favorable light.

Create diverse content

Whether you target teenagers, plant lovers, yogis, or fashionistas, you need to create diverse content to keep the engagement rate high. You need to use TikTok videos and IG reels to entertain and educate your followers and encourage interactions.  

For instance, if your prospective customers are college students, you can mix fun TikTok videos with educational content. You can get flashcards and other learning materials over at this website and create informative content to help students pass the exam.

Make your videos go viral

TikTok and Instagram leverage different algorithms to identify trending content, and you can use it to your advantage.

Do you have a brilliant video idea? Create both a TikTok video and IG Reel. The chances are your piece of content will go viral on one of these two platforms.

Collaborate with more influencers

Depending on the niche you work in, it might be challenging for you to find an influencer to collaborate with.

Let’s say you sell a unique product – food for a specific dog breed, Alaskan Malamute. You have a limited target audience. If you want to advertise your product on social media, you need to find an influencer who has a dog of this breed.

If you limit your search to only one platform – TikTok OR Instagram – you will likely fail to find a suitable influencer. It will be wise of you to consider collaboration with both TikTokers and Instagramers to maximize your marketing efforts.

Nail your IG Reel and TikTok marketing strategy

While social media platforms are trying to compete with one another, your brand can become a winner of the “TikTok vs. IG Reel” battle. You can get the most out of these two apps and increase your brand awareness.

Create high-quality, engaging TikTok videos and Instagram Reels, and you will achieve outstanding marketing success.

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