What is a dark post on Instagram and how to create an Instagram dark post using influencers' content

Manana Papiashvili
Manana Papiashvili
Head of Growth at Insense

The term “dark post” seems to evoke mysterious associations. Is this something hackers post in their feeds? Well, the answer is more trivial. Actually, you can see dark posts in your own feed every day while scrolling Facebook or Instagram. Let us light your way up to understanding what the dark post on Instagram is and how to create it.

What is an Instagram dark post?

A dark post is just a targeted ad that doesn't appear nor on the advertiser's timeline, page, or stories, neither in the feeds of its followers. Where it does show up – it is in the feed of the audience that is being specifically targeted.

Dark posts only exist as advertising and blend into the target audience’s feed with the “sponsored” tag at the top and a call-to-action leading at the bottom. Therefore, all Instagram ads are, in fact, dark posts.

You can use your own brand page for dark posting, but it is much more effective and engaging to run dark posts through the identity of the influencer. That's the thing, where Insense.pro can help!

Dark posts on Instagram and reasons to use them

It gives you more precise and effective targeting

With dark posts, you can target multiple groups of people with slightly different offers and creatives. You can use the same creative with the various audiences, you can try different ad creatives with the same audience, or you can even combine various content from multiple influencers in the same ad set – dark posting gives you a сarte blanche.

It can be used for A/B testing

This point logically follows the previous one. If you can use different creatives and different audiences, you can then find out which option worked better. Using A/B testing allows you to optimize your ad and make it more specific. A/B testing is helpful if you’re not completely sure about your audience and want to define it. For example, you’re launching a new service or releasing a new product.

It makes efficient advertising without spam

With dark posting, your brand can advertise as much as you want and need to and it won't look spammy. Your or your influencers’ followers won't see the ad, so their feed will look nice. It also will keep the brand's timeline and the influencer’s page clean and won't distract attention from original content.


It helps you improve your regular content

After delivering the results of your paid ad, you can use it to develop your regular content. You've already known what kind of creatives leads to more engagement and which target audience is more responsive – that’s the kind of information you can use for refining your marketing strategy and brand advertising.

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How to dark post on Instagram – what you need to know

Instagram dark posts come with a variety of targeting options and creatives.

You have the option to post:

  • single photo
  • single video
  • carousel of images and videos
  • stories

As was said before, the beauty of dark posting is that you can change the content of the ad as you want to: for example, adjust influencer content to appeal to different audiences and support A/B testing.

When it comes to targeting, there’s you also have complete freedom of choice. You can target your Instagram dark post by:

  • location
  • gender
  • age
  • interests
  • and many more

You can also target users who seem to look similar to the followers and customers you already have, or “lookalike” audiences. These are new audiences based on users who have high engagement with the influencer you choose to work with.

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How to make dark posts on Instagram even more effective?

Another point worth noticing about dark posts is so-called “social proof”. Since these posts are from real people – they for sure will get likes, comments, and shares. That’s the great opportunity for your brand to show up and answer the questions, get in touch with the audience, and convert potential customers into real. It also makes sense because the audience sees influencers promoting your brand through relatable and engaging content.

How to create dark post on Instagram with Insense?

Dark posting is practice binding together influencers' content with receptive audiences. You can create Instagram dark post through Facebook Ads Manager or through Insense.

Insense is great for creating dark posts for fashion, beauty, food, and many other products. What you need is to choose the right influencer with Insense.pro and then tailor and optimize their content for the needed audience.

You can find influencers who create original and compelling content on Insense: there are more then 35000+ vetted influencers only on Instagram here. With Insense.pro you can get in partnership with the influencer to create an efficient dark post and increase your brand's awareness and drive sales.

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