Can you hear the bells jingling? The merriest time of the year is right around the corner! Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays in the West and one of the busiest times of the year for marketers. But it also presents a fantastic opportunity for brands to capitalize on their social media presence, engage with the audiences, and build their communities.

The holidays have always been about coming together and sharing moments of joy and happiness with each other. But with the way we’re interacting today has been fundamentally affected by social media and so has the way we approach Christmas shopping.

Maintaining your presence on social media during the holidays should play a vital role in your marketing strategy as it will give a very tangible boost to your sales during the season. We have prepared a list of seven tips and ideas that will help to get the most out of this year’s holiday season.

7 Best Ideas for Social Media Marketing Campaigns and Posts for Christmas.

Embrace the holiday spirit

It’s easy enough: just start with a touch of redecoration! There’re many tiny things you can do, from adding a little twist like a Santa hat or a red-and-white candy cane to your social profile picture or using some Christmas-y design elements on your landing page.

Dedicate few Christmas posts on social media to celebrate the holiday and wish your followers a “Merry Christmas” with a virtual postcard on Instagram. Decorations are a traditional element of the celebration so it’s a good place to start and they can help you define an overall theme of the whole promotional campaign.

Make an unpacking video

Few things can compare to that feeling you get when unwrapping a gift. What can rival it? Perhaps, only the fulfillment of giving a gift yourself to one of your nearest and dearest.

A B2C e-commerce brand can try to recapture this magic by making an unpacking video for one or more of their products. Show your audience how great your product looks great as a gift and they will certainly consider getting one for their friends and family. And what’s a better way to advocate for your product than turning it into a precious holiday memory?

Partner with influencers

Influencer marketing can be a gamechanger during the Christmas season. As people look for gifts and presents ideas, a well-timed collaboration with an influencer in a relevant niche can put your product on the top of their shopping lists. Influencers can come up with some really creative ideas for their Christmas content involving your brand that will surely have an effect on their purchase decision. Moreover, you should consider whitelisting the branded content created by an influencer so you can extend its impact through the whole Christmas season using it as a targeted ad on Instagram.

And if you’re short on time and haven’t got an established partner yet, you can rely on Insense to connect you with a network of over 35,000 proven influencers and creators. The platform optimizes the way you run your social media campaign and makes it extra time-efficient – and you going to need all the time you can get during the busiest period of the year! Just use the convenient and customizable search tool to find the relevant creators in your niche and start developing creative Christmas social media posts and ideas with them right away through a single, all-encompassing dashboard. And to give you flexibility and additional capabilities for amplifying your partners’ content, Insense is fully integrated with Facebook Ads and has a whitelisting feature as well.

Partner with influencers.

Cook a delicious Christmas dinner

Stuffed turkey and mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce, cookies and punch, pies and puddings… Ah, the Christmas dinner is always such a treat.

The dinner table is where the families reunite and friends get together. Dining and cooking play important roles during the festive season, so if your business is food-related don’t hesitate to take an advantage of it. A kitchenware brand can involve their products in a cooking tutorial while a food & beverage company may inspire their followers with a couple of Christmas-themed recipes.

Cook a delicious Christmas dinner

Catch up with a popular #hashtag

Have you seen one of those Outfit Swap Challenges on TikTok? How about doing the same, but with Christmas costumes? And just like that, you have a fantastic Christmas social media idea for a small fashion or apparel brand!

TikTok with its unique culture of trending hashtags and challenges is a treasure trove of ideas. If your brand is present on TikTok than you can’t miss the opportunity to put a little Christmas spin on one of the trending ideas and put it out there.

Don’t forget the other holidays

Christmas might be the main event of the season, but it’s far from being the only one. There’re Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and, of course, the New Year. Each of them presents you with an occasion to embrace each particular holiday’s values and target a specific audience.

Include these unique festivals in your campaign and you’ll be able to keep up the festive spirit all the way throughout the season. If you put your mind to it even a National Fruitcake Day on 27th December can be a precious opportunity!

Staying proactive on all the major holidays and earlier dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday is increasingly important as the consumers tend to start their Christmas shopping earlier every year. But even running out of holidays is no longer the reason to immediately stop your campaign as the post-Christmas period in early January grows in importance for marketers as well. Tune your messaging for different dates and periods accordingly to squeeze as much as you can out of your Christmas social media marketing campaign.

Find a cause to contribute to

While any modern business should implement its social responsibility programs throughout the year, as a time of giving and sharing Christmas season is well-suited for highlighting and promoting such efforts.

Prove to your customers that you are ready to give back to the community by supporting other local businesses, donations, charity work, and partnerships with NGOs, and demonstrate your commitment to the corporate social responsibility on the social media.