20 Top Beauty Micro-Influencers You Wanna Work With In 2024

Jade Cottee
Jade Cottee
Content Marketing Manager
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So you work in the beauty industry and wanna launch an influencer marketing campaign.

That’s a smart move.

Buutt, what kind of influencers will you need?Beauty influencers, right?

To give you a good idea of who to look out for, we decided to share a list of our top beauty influencers.

Experienced experts you wanna go into partnership with. Let’s get on with it.

20 Beauty Micro-Influencers to Contact Right Now

Okay, so why are these beauty micro-influencers great examples to look out for?

For starters, they’ve mastered the art of ‘influencing’ in the beauty industry.
Their engagement rates are impressive. Overall impact? Pretty great too.

So, collaborations with beauty micro-influencers like those on the following list can give your campaign a much-needed boost.

Compiling it took some homework at our end but we pulled it off.

And now, we’re ready to share our top picks with you. Shall we?

Influencer #1: @Chickwithkels

Meet Kelsey, a beauty micro-influencer with a remarkable passion for all things beauty and makeup.

She’s created content using different beauty brands. From L’Oréal to Pearl, Gisou, and more with these hashtags…

And her audience? Here’s what they look like:

Kesley’s numbers are great for a micro-influencer. That’s the kind of spirit you want.

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Influencer #2: @iz_alwaysglowing

Isra, aka iz_alwaysglowing, has her game in the beauty and skincare world.

Hence her handle — her skin definitely has that glow, as you can see.

So far, Isra has worked with several top brands including Sephora, Maybelline, L’Oréal Paris, BH Cosmetics, and more.

You can take a look at her numbers below…starting with her audience demographic.

Here’s a more detailed look at her stat.

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Influencer #3: @Emilysjoyy_

Emily Joy is a TikTok micro-influencer and UGC creator. Her major focus is in the makeup part of the beauty industry. But you can occasionally see her posting skincare videos.  

So you can say she’s also a skincare and beauty influencer.

Here are her most popular hashtags and details about her target audience’s age:

And here’s everything else you need to know about her numbers on TikTok:

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Influencer #4: @Artistic_Makeup_Queen

Malika of Artistic Makeup is a beauty micro-influencer. Her timeline is filled with all types of makeup videos.

Based in Miami, U.S. Malika’s audience demographics are across the States and also countries like Guyana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

You can find some of her audience info…

And here’s what her numbers are saying…

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Influencer #5: @Whatwouldfallonwear

Fallon is another type of TikTok influencer you wanna work with.

She’s got her feet in different industries including fashion, home decor, and of course, beauty.

Fallon is the kind of influencer who sorta brings that Instagram vibe to TikTok. She even does product reviews of makeup brands like a beauty blogger for audiences in this category.

Here are other things you may need to know about her profile.

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Influencer #6: @Daily.Tina

Tina is an influencer and model. Most of her posts center around fashion and beauty.

But she occasionally throws in lifestyle content to give her audience a peek into her life. Talking about her several journeys, jumping on trends…stuff like that.

So when she does collabs with brands, it doesn’t come off as ads, which is kinda like the main element of influencer marketing.

You can see what Tina’s audience looks like from the graph below.

And her numbers? 

Here you go…

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Influencer #7: @Emilylena

And then there’s Emily Lena who’s your traditional NYC influencer.

Stylish. Elegant. Outgoing.

She’s all about lifestyle, beauty, decor, and fashion.

For most of her posts, she uses hashtags like these to boost her views, and her engaging videos are then seen by people in these age groups:

Emily’s feed is quite classy, filled with videos with great backdrop. Great enough to catch her audience’s attention.

That’s probably why she has an impressive engagement rate.

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Influencer #8: @Lovelymissessence

Essence Foster is a growing Instagram micro-influencer with a follower count just shy of 2.5k. Her bio describes her as a digital creator. Foster is in the self-care, healing, and fashion space.

She’s an artist and her page reflects that. Even when she’s doing her beauty and fashion thingy. In most of her posts, Essence uses some of the hashtags below to get more eyes on it.

Those eyes are typically either of these…

Here’s some other data you’ll find helpful:

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Influencer #9: @Gulbeyazblc

Ladies and gentlemen, say hi to Rose. She’s your typical favorite influencer whose videos you can’t wait to see.

They’ve got that dazzling look taken from the right angles. With the right texture and lighting.

Oh, by the way, Rose is more of a skincare, makeup, and lifestyle person. Typical Rose, right?

Her favorite hashtags include the following:

Perhaps it’s because her audience revolves around these demographics.

You can check out some of her other details below.

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Influencer #10: @Cecjinksk

You know those social media users whose videos you can relate to? You see their video and go, “That’s me.”

Yup, Cecilia falls in that category.

She’s a skincare and beauty enthusiast. So when she’s not making relatable videos, she’s creating skincare and makeup videos using hashtags like…

Here’s what Cecilia’s numbers look like:

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Influencer #11: @Makeupozy

From the handle, you already know what this influencer does. Her name is Ozy and she’s a big fan of style and glamor.

Ozy’s feed is filled with all things makeup, hair, fragrance, and skincare.

She’s been consistently creating videos on TikTok since 2020. So she has a good idea of how to produce content for a campaign, especially for people who fall within this age bracket:  

You can take a quick look at Ozy’s numbers below:

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Influencer #12: @Bricivitano

Next up is Brianna Civitano. A beauty and lifestyle influencer from New York City.

Her videos, as you can see, are really cool. They’ve got great graphics and finishing…like a pro. And they’re for people in these audience demographics.

Brianna’s follower count at the moment is under 4k. But don’t let that fool you, she has an engagement rate of 4.03% which is even higher than some influencers with large followings.

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Influencer #13: @Officialmarialidze

Maria is not your typical influencer/UGC creator. She’s that and more. Maria is a singer, actress, model, and content creator.

She has that vibe and aura of your typical influencer. Perhaps that’s why she has worked with top brands such as L’Oréal Paris, Zara, and Shein using hashtags like photography, fashion and model.

And her target is people who fall within these age brackets:

Wanna see more?

Here’s a brief overview of her profile.

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Influencer #14: @Lilyjean025

Lily Jean is quite a popular influencer. You know, the kind who shares part of their journey with their online community.

Lily is more of a hair person. So whenever she’s not posting about her dogs or life journey, you’ll find her making hair vlogs.

She also uploads wellness, skincare, and makeup videos using some of these hashtags.  

If your audience is in these categories, there’s a good chance they’ll love her.

You can take a look at her numbers to perhaps help with your decision-making.

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Influencer #15: @Janevugc

Jane needs no introduction. Her Instagram bio takes care of that.

She’s a UGC creator without a niche. Yup, that’s what she says.

But when you go through her Instagram feed, she showcases a lot of new makeup-look videos, skincare posts, fashion, and even food content.

You can say she’s a makeup enthusiast who promotes her videos using different hashtags such as #ugc, #ugccreator and #ugccommunity.

So, what are her audience demographics like?

Here are her numbers just in case you wanna see how she’s doing.

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Meet Lauren, a friendly Instagram creator. She’s got a knack for glamor so all things beauty and hair is where she shines.

If you visit her page, expect to be greeted with beauty tips on new hair care, hairstyle ideas, makeup tutorials, and her travel lifestyle.

You’ll also find that most of her videos have these hashtags so they have more reach.

Those videos are typically targeted at viewers within these brackets:

But then, you can see some of her stats below.

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Influencer #17: @Faily.makeup

Marie Falonne Jean is an influencer and UGC creator. Her interests cut across beauty, makeup, travel, fashion, and lifestyle.

On her feed, you’ll find more makeup videos than other interests. But if you go a bit deeper, you’ll find some skincare vids around too.

Her audience usually revolves around people like these…

And here are her numbers:

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Influencer #18: @Alexischristine_xo

Here’s Alexis, an influencer, UGC creator, and coach. She’s been in the world of social since around 2012, so you can say she has the experience to be a coach.

Alexis usually posts about lifestyle, skincare products she’s trying, travel, beauty, and of course, fun stuff with which she connects with her audience.

Speaking of her audience, here’s who her videos tend to reach.

Perhaps that’s why she has stats as impressive as these:

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Influencer #19: @Mika2fancy

Mika is a little bit of an entrepreneur and micro-influencer. She’s a professional makeup artist, has her own cosmetic line, and also works as an influencer.

Mika is an mua passionate about all things lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and skincare routine. Those are the kinds of things you’ll find on her page.

And her audience comprises people across these age-groups.

At the moment, here’s what her stats look like:

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Influencer #20: @Talmeshak

Talmesha Jones is the last beauty micro-influencer on our list. But that in no way means she’s the least.

With an Instagram follower count of over 70k, Talmesha is both a model and an influencer. She’s worked with brands like Violet Grey, Sunday Riley, Popilush, and more. Most of her content is around self-love, skincare tips, and body positivity.

You can see that with the hashtags she uses.

Most likely so she can connect with her audience, which typically involves the following.

And that’s why she’s got impressive stats, which include…

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Discover Great Beauty Micro-Influencers

And that’s it! You still want to see more influencers?

Okay, how about instead of scrolling through a long influencer list, you quickly find one who’s just perfect for you?

No stress or lengthy back-and-forths.

Sure, you’d like that, won’t you?

Here’s the plan then.

Book a demo with Insense now and a team member will reach out to show you how to make that happen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still have questions? 

We’ve got you.

Q1. How much should you pay a micro-influencer?

Well, it’s not a clear-cut answer. 

There are different factors to consider, like engagement rate, relevance to your niche, experience, campaign goals, etc. 

But overall, you can pay micro-influencers anywhere from $50 to $1,000.

Q2. How do you find micro-influencers?

You can find micro-influencers through these methods:

  • Hashtag research
  • Browsing through social media platforms
  • Influencer marketing platforms like Insense
  • Recommendations from peers
  • Checking your audience list on social media

Q3. What are the benefits of using micro-influencers?

There are several great benefits. But here are some of them: 

  • High engagement
  • Build strong relationships with the audience
  • Access to the influencers’ communities
  • More reach
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