5 UGC Creative Types for TikTok You Need to Try

Thiago Nogueira
Thiago Nogueira
Customer Success Manager at Insense
Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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If you had to choose between a recommendation from your friend or from another brand, who would you trust?

You’d most likely go with your friends, right? 

That’s one of the reasons user-generated content on social media is quite effective.

It is content from regular people and creators that gives consumers a peek into what a brand is all about. 

And with a social media platform like TikTok expanding its video length, creators have more room to try out different types of creatives

That means consumers get a more authentic insight into your product or service. 

For brands, that will mean high-quality UGC at scale and more exposure.

That’s why in this guide, we will talk about:

  • Tips for an effective ad
  • How to create TikTok videos
  • Types of UGC creatives for TikTok 

Without further delay,  let’s dive right in!

A Brief Overview of TikTok & TikTok Videos

TikTok is a video-sharing app with different features that allow its users to create and share short videos.

Since it was launched in 2016, it has grown to become one of the top social media platforms in the world with over 3 billion downloads.  

According to statistics, it’s the most engaging social media platform with the average user spending about 10.85 minutes per session.

A good example of how engaging TikTok can be is seen in this video by Zach King. 

zachking tiktok post
Image Source: TikTok

The video has over 1 billion views, 9 million likes, and 18.7k comments.

Talk about engagement!

Another report discovered that 24% of marketers say TikTok would help them achieve their business goals. 

So, how can your brand make the most of advertising on TikTok? 

Let’s look at some tips to that effect. 

3 Tips for an Effective Ad Formula

TikTok has the potential to get your brand in front of the right audience while increasing your reach, engagement, and much more. 

But for that to happen, you need high-quality content for organic posting and ads.

Not just any kind of ads—effective ones that produce the right results. 

So, how do you ensure your ad creatives are effective? 

They’ll need to have a… 

Tip #1: Hook

A hook on TikTok is that part of a video that grabs your audience’s attention within the first few seconds to increase watch time. 

To help you understand more clearly, picture video ads as a fishing hook.

Now, if you throw the metal into the water on its own, you could spend the whole day fishing without catching any fish.

And you’d agree some video posts are like that. Two weeks after they’ve been uploaded and no more than ten people have engaged with the post.  

But that’s not the case when the hook has been rigged with worms before being thrown in the water. You’ll see fishes frolicking around the hook in no time. 

hook example
Image Source:@darianaacastillo

That’s what a hook can do for your video ad. 

It captivates people’s attention and compels them to keep watching. 

How can you create a strong hook for your TikTok ad videos?

Start with an interesting fact: Piquing your audience’s curiosity is a good way to captivate their attention. It works like magic every time!

For example, Tired of breakouts and skin bumps?…

…Here’s how I went from this, to this!

Start with a problem and proffer the solution: People don’t really care how your product was beautifully crafted. 

Some do, but they’re only a few.

What they care about is how your product can help them

For example: If you’re like me and do X, then this is for you.

Ask a question about the problem

What to know the secret to [solution]?

Asking about specific challenges your audience are dealing with can grab their attention till the punchline. At that moment, you’re like their savior and they’ve got hope that you can save them. 

Make a list: Turning the solution into core points can get people intrigued about your ad. To them, it kinda means you’ve got multiple ways to help out. 

A good example would be:

6 tips to get rid of X.

Tip #2: Angle

Another way to ensure your ad is effective is to pick a good angle

By that, we mean a creative angle. 

This describes how you want to deliver messages about your brand to your audience. 

With angles, your video ads have a purpose and make your campaign more perceivable. 

Creative angles will also help you find the perfect way to communicate with and influence a customer’s decision.  

Simply put, the creative angle answers some of these questions:

  • What problem is your product solving?
  • Is it making people’s lives easier?
  • What would your audience stand to gain from using your product?
  • How does it make people feel?

So, how can you come up with creative angles for your ad?

Through a creative strategic map!

Here’s what the map would look like in this particular order:

  • Pain point: describes the challenge your consumer is facing; e.g., I want to get rid of my eczema
  • Unique selling point (USP): what benefit your product has over the competition and in solving the consumer’s problems; e.g., skincare is affordable and perfect for my skin
  • Hook: what would the attention grabber in the ad be; e.g., I’m no longer insecure about my skin
  • Call to action (CTA): what action would you want the audience to take? E.g., show off my skin 
  • Angle: show the USP and the hook; e.g., affordable and efficient skin scare

Tip #3: Creator

Creators have an important part to play in ensuring ads are effective. 

You can use follower count as a metric when choosing a creator but at the same time, you want to look beyond that.

How else can you tell which creator is the right fit for your brand?

Through the topics they deal with, the engagement rate, and the comments they get.

What should be your next step?

Well, use a platform like Insense to find creators that can spark engagement and resonate with your target audience.

Once that is done, you can scale with them. 

Up next, we look at how to create TikTok videos.  

How to Create Winning TikTok Videos

There’s something special about video creatives: everyone loves them.

And with the number of digital video viewers in the US projected to reach 248.9 million, you need to ensure your video is good enough so people can watch, engage, and share. 

Reports have also shown that there are over 1M views on the TikTok app every day. So yours has to be scroll-stopping. 

How do you do that?

Well, there are different ways you can create winning TikTok videos.

The first is to use…

Way #1: AIDA rule

The AIDA rule is an acronym for attention, interest, desire, and action

It’s one of the oldest persuasion techniques out there that any piece of creative can follow and videos aren’t exempted. 

You want your TikTok video to cover all the points in that particular order. 

To help you understand it more clearly, let’s break it down in detail. 


Attention: The video needs to get your audience’s attention in seconds. 


The human attention span is not what it used to be. 

According to a Microsoft study, people generally lose concentration after 8 seconds.

That means you have less than 5 seconds to get your total video views. 

Grab your audience’s attention and you’ve got more views. 

Interest: Once your videos are getting enough attention and by that, we mean likes and views; you want to see if people stay long enough to develop interest.

It will give you time to pass across your message. If your video is interesting enough, your audience won’t hesitate to read your caption or copy

Desire: It sounds a little similar to the Interest rule, but they’re different. It answers the question: are people willing to learn more about your product or service from social media?

In other words, is the post just intriguing to them or do they want to learn more? The latter leads to a higher click-through-rate (CTR ) percentage while the former leads to more engagement. 

Action: This final rule describes when people eventually make a purchase on your landing page or sign up for your email newsletter.  Its success (measured in terms of cost per action and return on ad spend) is dependent upon how well the others perform. 

Way #2: Early hook

We spoke about this in the previous section but it’s worth mentioning again plus it’s also similar to the attention rule in AIDA.

A hook is important if you want a winning video. 

It’s good practice to ensure it is within the first three seconds. 

Remember what we said about the human attention span?  

Do it right and people will stick around to see what you’ve got in stock or else they’ll keep scrolling. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating hooks:

  • Use an interesting cover image/thumbnail
  • Focus on engagements
  • Use catchy titles 
  • Use strong emotions
  • Remember people buy solutions
  • Ensure the hook aligns with your brand identity

We’ve also included fun ways to hook your audience in your next TikTok video:

  • Get things started with a joke
  • Create an interesting character
  • Ask an interesting, personal, or intriguing question
  • Create hypothetical scenarios; for example ‘what if?’  
  • Surprise them
  • Offer a solution to a problem

Way #3: UGC

Another way you can create winning TikTok videos is to leverage user-generated content (UGC). 

This means content created by people who’ve used your product or service before. 

UGC helps your brand harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing to raise awareness for your brand

Why should you leverage UGC?

It is cost-effective, pivotal in building trust and loyalty, and is authentic too.

Plus, studies have shown that two-third of consumers claim they trust the opinions of their peers posted online… 

…and another 84% of millennials say UGC has influence on what they buy.

When user-generated content is used for your TikTok video, your audience gets to see real-life scenarios of your product being used

How do you create UGC to use on TikTok?

For starters, you can curate from social media or engage with creators on Insense creator marketplace. 

Now, let’s look at the types of UGC creatives you can use for TikTok videos. 

5 UGC Creative Types for the Best TikTok Videos 

It’s important that you get creative when it comes to using UGC for ads because it can be easy to run out of ideas of what to create or upload.

That’s why we’ve come up with different UGC creative types for you in this section. 

What do you stand to gain?

Simply put,  interesting and engaging UGC ads at scale that make you stand out from the competition.

Let’s get started!

 Type #1: Before & after

We’ve all seen before & after content in an image or written format, especially on landing pages. 

A before & after video shows how much your product has transformed your customer since they started using it. 

More specifically, it portrays your product in a good light thereby increasing your brand’s reach and boosting sales. 

The before version shows your customer prior to using your product while the after version shows the positive effect the product has had

Why should you use before & after videos?

  • They create a connection with your audience: Showing consumers where their peers came from and where they are serves as proof that this product can work for them too.  
  • You get to control the story: The video helps you control the narrative of how people perceive your product. 

This UGC type is ideal for beauty and fashion products but it can also be used for other industries too.

It can become a viral video in no time.

A good example is this TikTok post from Myrtetange.

TikTok post from Myrtetange
Image Source: TikTok

They began a 30-day challenge and took their audience on the journey before and after the challenge. 

They wore a fitness brand’s clothes while working out to show the progress they made. The post is one of the most liked TikToks with over 5 million views. 

Type #2: Reactions

A reaction video is a video where people react to something such as a film series, music video, game, and in this case, a product. 

It leverages the human emotions of people using a product or watching something. 

In other words, people watch reaction videos because they enjoy the emotional connection of seeing creators react to the content in the same way they would.

They’re specifically made to capture the viewer’s attention and surprise them

Reaction videos are popular on video-sharing platforms such as TikTok using the duet feature.

This UGC creative works well with popular creators.

So, how can you get started?

Visit a creator marketplace to find creators…

      …using Insense can simplify the whole process for you. 

Ship the products across to the creators and get the video content delivered to you.

What benefit do you stand to gain from reaction videos?

Well, according to Dhruv Sachdeva, they are a good indicator of your relevance.

They also help people discover new content. 

This TikTok post by Clara Wilson is a typical example of a reaction video.

Clara Wilson's reaction video
Image Source: TikTok

In this video, Clara, a micro-influencer, was reacting to another creator’s video on TikTok.

This is something your creator can do when reacting to products being used. 

Type #3: 3 Reasons why

This is simple user-generated content your creator can come up with. 

It basically involves you prompting the creator to outline three reasons why they are in love with your product. 

There should be a hint of how the product can improve people’s lives

For this UGC creative, including texts in the video and a caption is good practice so it sticks in people’s memory.  

Thebkbeauty’s post in the screenshot below is a good example of what a 3 reasons why video should look like. 

Thebkbeauty’s tiktok post
Image Source: TikTok

The creator listed three reasons why they love Thebkbeauty’s makeup brushes. 

Content like this usually gets people to share their experience with that particular product. 

In other words, it’s a good way to know what the audience thinks about your product. 

Type #4: Us vs. Them

The next UGC creative we talk about is Us vs. Them or a comparison video if you want. It’s basically a light competition between your brand and counterparts.

Nothing hostile, just friendly enough to engage your audience. 

Point out what features make your product different from the competition. Try and ensure that the differences you list are in your brand’s favor.

Comparison videos help viewers decide which product is the right fit for their needs and budget. 

We’ve included some tips to guide the creation of this type of UGC creative, they include:

  • Understand what your audience wants and needs
  • Avoid belittling the competition
  • Highlight the best features
  • Show results
  • Keep the video interesting and short
  • Include clear CTAs

The screenshot of scandalbeauty below is a great example of an Us versus Them video. 

scandalbeauty us vs them video
Image Source: TikTok

The video is a response to a viewer’s comment which confirms that comparison videos spark engagements. 

They go on to compare differences between their nail product and a competitor’s.

Type #5: How to

‘How to’ is the final UGC creative on our list and one of the most liked videos on the internet. 

It’s like a tutorial where creators show how your brand’s product works.

How-to videos also answer an important question: does it solve the audience’s specific problem

Do you really need how-to videos? They’re boring and people like fun videos. 

That’s a valid statement, but that’s one way to look at it. 

Here are some shocking statistics you should consider:

Youtube searches for how-to videos were said to be increasing at a 70% rate per year as of 2015. 

Also in North America alone, over 100 million hours of how-to videos had been watched. 

That tells you how helpful this type of content can be for people.

Let’s look at an example below.

tiktok post
Image Source: TikTok

The screenshot is a How to crop post from beautyandoutfit’s TikTok account, a fashion brand.  The post has been viewed over 6 million times and sparked engagement too. 

Videos like this aren’t restricted to a particular niche or industry; just about anyone can use them. 

It’s time to bring this to a close. 

Now Over to You

That was a long but interesting read!

We hope you learned as much as we did and will apply it to your business.

It’s time to get those ad creatives ready to launch your TikTok marketing campaign.

Feel free to book a demo with Insense and see how you can find creators to come up with UGC creatives for TikTok. 

Thanks for stopping by, we wish you the best in your campaign. 

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