Exploring 7 Billo Alternatives to Boost DTC Brand Visibility

Thiago Nogueira
Thiago Nogueira
Customer Success Manager at Insense
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If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably been using Billo for a while now. 

It’s a great tool, no doubt. 

But perhaps it hasn’t given you the streamlined workflow you’re looking for. 

You want a tool that can help you launch influencer marketing campaigns more easily. 

Sounds like you?

Then you’re in the right place. 

Here, we’ll walk you through some of the top Billo alternatives in the influencer marketing space now.

You’ll learn about their features, pricing, and how they compare with Billo.

Ready to find your next UGC platform? 

Let’s get on with it.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of January 24, 2024.

Alternatives to Billo: Comparison Table (With Features & Pricing)

Our first stop on this software tour is this helpful comparison table. 

It’s kinda like the entree before we bring in the main course. 

You’ll get an overview of each alternative’s main features and pricing structure. 

Just enough details to help you quickly decide which tool might suit your needs.

But if you feel you need additional information to make a decision, we also have something for you in the next section.  

It’s a breakdown of each tool’s potential use case. 

That should help, right?

You’re welcome.

Best Alternatives to Billo by Use Case

So, as promised, here’s an overview of each tool based on how people use it. 

  • Insense — Influencer discovery, UGC production at scale, campaign management. 
  • #paid — Creator marketplace and influencer campaign management.
  • Trend.io — UGC production tool. 
  • Pixlee TurnTo — Social UGC and influencer marketing. 
  • Flowbox — AI-powered UGC platform. 
  • Taggbox — UGC production and social wall. 
  • JoinBrands — UGC marketplace

Think you’re ready to learn about how these Billo competitors work?

Let’s continue our tour.

The next stop is our very own tool, Insense.

Just so you know, we’ve got no idea how it’s first on the list. 😉

But anyway, let’s unpack what it has to offer.

Alternative #1: Insense

In the spring of 2023, Insense was honored with a G2 award recognizing it as a top UGC and influencer marketing platform. 

That’s one of the reasons it’s included on this Billo alternative list. 

Insense is a platform that makes sourcing UGC and launching an influencer marketing campaign a walk in the park. 

When you use this platform, you have two options to kickstart your campaign. 

You can fill out a creative brief where you specify what kind of UGC you want and the type of creator or influencer you’d like to work with. Even the type of UGC you want…and more. 

Alternatively, there’s the creator marketplace. Here, you get to browse through different creators, using filters, who can produce high-quality UGC for you. 

Here’s how one user, Norah Tate, described her experience with Insense…

This platform is a game changer to our influencer marketing. It empowers our team to easily launch and manage campaigns for multiple purposes, from UGC materials to build social media brand awareness to creator ads, even Amazon affiliate programs…” 

Insense features

Some of Insense’s features include:

  • Campaign management so you can keep track of how your campaign is performing. 
  • Direct chat for real-time communication with creators and influencers. 
  • Creator insights and analytics to view influencers’ metrics before hiring them. 
  • Content rights so you have legal permission to use influencer content for promotional purposes. 

Insense’s pricing

There are two pricing categories on Insense: self-service and managed packages. 

Here’s what the self-service option covers:

  • Trial version at $500/mo if you just want to see how Insense works.  
  • UGC plan at $400/mo, is perfect for all UGC creation and campaigns. 
  • UGC+creator ads plan starts at $450/mo for a limitless supply of UGC.
  • Advanced plan at $1,500/mo, for enterprises that want to launch campaigns and shortlist creators. 

On the flip side, we’ve got the managed plans. This option is perfect for beginners still learning the ropes of influencer marketing, including small business owners or e-commerce brands that probably don’t have a lot of time on their hands.  

The options here include:

  • Package 1: $2,800/mo for 6x UGC video ads. 
  • Package 2: $3,500/mo for 12x UGC video ads. 
  • Package 3: $4,200/mo for 18x UGC video ads.

How does Insense compare to Billo?

That’s why we created this table. So you see whether Billo or Insense has a better deal for you. 

Alternative #2: #paid

#paid is a digital platform that helps connect brands with social media creators.  

It’s a marketplace where brands put out a call for creators. And then creators send in pitches explaining why they’re the right person for the job.

Image Source: #paid

In addition to that, creators send in a creative concept of how they want to pull off the job. 

Want to know the interesting part with #paid? 

It’ll help you select the ideal creators who match your social media marketing campaign. This tool has a dedicated account team and a proprietary algorithm for just that. 

See what Terrance Kwok, a product manager had to say about her experience using #paid:

#paid makes sourcing creators a pain-free experience. I invested ~10 minutes of work before getting 15+ proposals from creators. This is way faster than manually digging through YouTube/Instagram, negotiating prices, signing agreements, etc.” 

#paid features

Here are some of #paid’s features:

  • Competitive benchmarking to know how your campaign is performing against those of your competitors. 
  • Live campaign reporting. You get fresh data every 24 hours. 
  • Automated workflows so you don’t have to stress over payments, legal issues, negotiations, etc. 
  • Campaign strategy & management to ensure your program is successful. 

#paid pricing

All custom-based. You have to contact the #paid team to learn how much it costs.

How does #paid compare to Billo?

Check out this comparison table to see how both tools compare. 

Alternative #3: Trend.io

The next Billo alternative on our list is Trend.io. 

It’s a creator network where you can find UGC to take your brand awareness and conversions to the next level. 

Image Source: Trend.io

So, how does it work?

It’s simple. 

You just start a project and the Trend.io team pushes it to creators to apply. Only creators who are aligned with your brand’s style will be allowed to apply. 

And you can start receiving content for your campaign. High-quality videos such as explainers or testimonials.

Trend.io features

Here’s a peek at some of this tool’s features.

  • Curated network of UGC creators so you only work with vetted professionals.
  • Licensing rights so you can distribute content on different channels with ease.
  • Guaranteed security for brands so you’re sure products aren’t lost in the process. 

Trend.io pricing

Trend.io has three pricing offers. And they all depend on how many videos or photos you want. 

Here’s what it offers:

  • Essential plan at $500 for 10 videos or 25 photos. 
  • Growth plan at $950 for 20 videos or 50 photos. 
  • Scale plan at $1,800 for 40 videos or 100 photos. 
Image Source: Trend.io

How does Trend.io compare to Billo?

Here’s a table to show you what’s different about both tools…

Alternative #4: Pixlee TurnTo

Pixlee TurnTo is an all-round marketing platform that can help you launch UGC and influencer campaigns at scale. 

Image Source: Pixlee TurnTo

With this Billo alternative, you can: 

  • Source for UGC directly from customers singing your praises.
  • Collect ratings and reviews. 
  • Commission influencers to produce content for your brand. 

So let’s say your brand has an existing community, you can collect media assets from top social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And feature them on your marketing channels. 

Don’t have a large community you can rely on for UGC yet?

You can find top influencers in your industry to create promotional content for you. 

Pixlee TurnTo features

Here are some of Pixlee TurnTo’s features:

  • Influencer discovery on different social media channels.
  • Campaign logs so you can track multiple campaigns simultaneously.
  • Content permissioning to ensure brand safety when using UGC.
  • Campaign measurement to monitor how your ads are performing across the board. 

Pixlee TurnTo pricing

Pixlee TurnTo’s cost is unavailable on its website at this time. But you can request a demo to see how the product works.

How does Pixlee TurnTo compare to Billo?

You can take a look at the table below to see how Pixlee TurnTo and Billo compare.

Alternative #5: Flowbox

And then there’s Flowbox. 

A digital tool that can help you collect social content from customers across different social sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. 

Image Source: Flowbox

It saves you the stress of manually setting up campaigns to collect media assets from customers. Like those hashtag campaigns. 

But with Flowbox, as long as you’ve got customers sharing reviews of your products, you can quickly find content to use for your marketing strategy. 

That’s what Benetton, a clothing brand, did for its digital marketing campaign. 

It partnered with Flowbox to collect and use customers’ voices to connect with a larger audience. 

At the end of the day, Benetton was able to secure over 290k photos and videos from users.  

Flowbox features

This UGC platform offers features like: 

  • Automated content collection from social media platforms. 
  • Visual search engine to help in prioritizing UGC and linking it to your products. 
  • Advanced insights so you can track UGC performance. 
  • Integration with third-party apps like Shopify to simplify your marketing campaigns. 

Flowbox pricing

Flowbox’s pricing plans are only available on demand. To discover how much it costs, you’ll need to reach out to the Flowbox team. 

How does Flowbox compare to Billo?

Here’s how: 

Alternative #6: Taggbox

Taggbox is a creator marketing platform where you can source user-generated content from customers or users. Partner with content creators to produce content for your campaign. 

And basically leverage UGC to boost your brands’ marketing campaigns.  

Image Source: Taggbox

As the name implies, Taggbox helps you collect UGC on social platforms where your brand has been tagged.

Here’s how David Yingling, a Taggbox user described it: “Taggbox has amazing features which [make it] easy to aggregate user-generated content from several social platforms.

What’s more? 

Taggbox features organization tools to help you arrange those visuals into collections. You know, so everything isn’t cluttered up. 

The UGC can be published across different marketing channels, from emails and websites to social media, print media, and e-commerce platforms, etc. 

You can even use the content as social walls.

Taggbox features

Here are some of Taggbox's features:

  • Website widgets to help you collect UGC and reviews from customers.
  • Auto-moderation and customization tools for filtering the most valuable UGC for your brand. 
  • Usage rights so you avoid legal issues. 
  • Data insights to monitor campaign performance and optimize your campaign. 

Taggbox pricing

This UGC platform has three pricing categories: UGC Suite, Widget, and Social Wall.

Each of these categories has its own pricing structure. 

The UGC Suite offering is only available on demand.

The Widget offering starts at $39/mo and the Social Wall offering at $249/mo.

Image Source: Taggbox

How does Taggbox compare to Billo?

That’s why we have this graphic; to show you how they differ…

Alternative #7: JoinBrands

JoinBrands is a creator marketplace where you can find influencers and UGC creators to collaborate with. 

Image Source: JoinBrands

According to JoinBrands, it has a database of over 25k influencers on its platform. 

And you can work with them to produce different content types. 

So, how does it work?

  • Create a campaign (job) so creators can send in applications.
  • Streamline and choose creators.
  • Ship products to the chosen few or reimburse them.  
  • Pick content for your campaign. 
  • Go live.

JoinBrands features

Here’s a peek at a few of JoinBrands’ features:

  • Creator filters for finding the perfect influencers for your campaign.
  • Creator portfolio to see influencer insights.
  • Streamlined campaign workflow so your campaign is simple.

JoinBrands pricing

This creator marketplace has four pricing plans:

  • Pay-as-you-go plan.
  • Startup plan at $99/mo.
  • Brand plan at $299/mo. 
  • Agency plan at $499/mo. 
Image Source: JoinBrands

While there’s no free trial at the moment, you can request a demo to see how JoinBrands works. Or just opt to use its pay-as-you-go plan. 

How does JoinBrands compare to Billo?

The graphic below will show you how both tools compare side by side. 

Looking for a Billo Alternative?

All of these tools probably seem too good to be true. 

Or maybe it's the ‘choosing one from a lot of good ones’ part that’s a bit challenging. 

Well, that’s not an issue with us in your corner. 

Here’s what you can do:

Book a demo with Insense


And a team member will show you how to launch a campaign that can boost your brand’s visibility in a few simple steps.

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