How to Find Black Content Creators for Social Media UGC Ads

Thiago Nogueira
Thiago Nogueira
Customer Success Manager at Insense

Creators provide high-quality content people can relate to. 

In other words, you can work with creators from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds that emphasize your brand’s ethos and identity as well as build stronger connections with your audience. 

You know what that means, right?

Increased brand awareness, conversions,  engagement, and sales too!

So if you want to reach an even larger audience, your content creators also need to be from diverse backgrounds and that includes having black voices in the mix. 

That's why in this article, we'll be discussing:

  • Top black creators on Instagram and TikTok
  • How to find black creators
  • How much they cost

Ladies and gentlemen, shall we begin? 

Table of Contents

3 Top Black Creators on TikTok

3 Top Black Creators on Instagram

How to Find Black Content Creators for UGC Ads

How Much Do Content Creators Cost?

4 Great Examples of Businesses Working with Black Creators

3 Top Black Creators on TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in 2022 with a 40% increase in usage compared to Instagram and YouTube. 

Given its high usage, brands are tilting towards using TikTok to market their products and services. 

Reports have shown that TikTok will triple its global ad revenue to about $11.64 billion this year. 

So you can already guess what to do if you want a piece of that, right?  

Partner up with creators from different backgrounds including black creators who can get the black community, among others, talking about your brand. 

That said, let’s take a look at some of the top black influencers on TikTok.

1. Michael Jones @mrmoodydresser

A screenshot of mrmoodydresser's TikTok page


First of all, wow!

How often do you get to see a man who is over 40 years old, is really fashionable, isn’t making dad jokes, and is on TikTok?

Well, you’ve just met one.

Michael Jones (@mrmoodydresser) is a fashion and lifestyle influencer. 

He considers himself an inspiration for daily fashion and he does have the 26.4k followers to prove it. 

All of Michael’s posts on TikTok have over 150k likes on the platform. 

One of the special things about him is how he engages with his audience on each post

That’s a really remarkable characteristic to look out for in a creator. 

2. Femi Chebaís @femichebais

Screenshot of femichebais' TikTok page


Femi is a New York-based med student from Nigeria. 

Take a quick look at his TikTok page and you’ll see that he’s relatable to a wide range of people.

In other words, he’s created an inclusive space that anyone can relate to. 

Specifically those who are interested in getting into the healthcare space. 

Most of his posts and skits are centered around the lifestyle of a medical practitioner which he titles Medtalk, being African in America (Honorary African according to him), and scholarships. 

Femi has 41k followers, his content has garnered over 1 million likes, and he has a 1.5k average view rate. 

3. Jess Michelle @jessmichelle

Screenshot of jessmichelle's TikTok page


The next TikTok creator we talk about is Jess Michelle and she's all about body positivity, fashion, fitness, and lifestyle

She has over 69k followers on the video-sharing platform with thousands of likes on her posts. 

Micro-creators like Jess Michelle have experience working with brands and they also achieve high engagement rates. 

Put another way, they have a smaller audience (compared to other categories of creators) but one that’s truly engaged. 

Now, let's look at top creators on Instagram.


3 Top Black Creators on Instagram

Since it was launched in October 2010, Instagram has grown to become the fourth largest social media platform in the world with over 1.2 billion active users.

That's approximately 1% of the world's population

With the social media channel getting more popularity, 71% of US businesses have said they use Instagram for business. 

Another 65% of marketers have also said they have plans to spend more money on influencer marketing on Instagram.

In other words, businesses are getting results from collaborating with creators on social media platforms. 

And of course, black creators aren’t exempted. 

We’ve curated some of the top black creators on IG below.

1. Lauren Caress @laurencaress

Screenshot of laurencaress' Instagram page


Lauren is an experienced creator with 12k followers on Instagram. 

If you look at her page, you get a feel of what industry she majors in – beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. 

She’s a digital creator, model, and designer.  

Her posts have an average of 150 likes per post with her top posts getting as high as 950 likes and Instagram reels gaining as many as 4k views.

2. Nijay Scott @nijayscott

Screenshot of nijayscott's Instagram page


Nijay Scott is a professional composer and vocalist born in Harlem, NYC. 


How can he create social media UGC for brands?

Well, he’s also a creative director and designer which sort of makes him a really good fit for the content creator profile.

Plus, he has over 11k followers with some of his video posts having as high as 5k+ views. 

He may not be Kylie Jenner but he sure does have the following to prove that a wide range of people can relate to him and the content he creates 😉.

3. Rochelle @_prettychelley

Screenshot of _prettychelley's Instagram page


Rochelle is the next black creator we’ll talk about. 

Written on her profile are the words ‘just here to showcase what I have in my closet’

She’s a fashion and beauty influencer. 

Rochelle has  8.2k followers but a very engaged and loyal audience. 

Her Instagram reels have an average video view of 3k which is pretty impressive for a nano-creator. 

So, how can you find creators like the ones we’ve discussed?

Let’s look at how to do that in the next section.

How to Find Black Content Creators for UGC Ads

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing content marketing strategies in the world.     

Last year, the industry was forecasted to be worth $13.8 billion.

This year, it’s predicted to be worth around $16.4 billion. 

Despite the rate at which it is going, brands are having a hard time finding creators that align with their goals and values.

22% of brands have said they find it hard to get suitable creators to work with. 

In the same report, 55%  of them used the term ‘medium difficulty’ to describe finding creators.

 Only 22% said it was easy. 

Does that mean it’s so difficult?

Not at all!

We’re going to optimize the process of finding black creators for user-generated content

Step #1: Define the type of content you want to create

The first step to finding black creators for your social media campaign is to decide what type of content you want to create

Why is this needed? 

It helps with the selection process and increases the chances of creating successful digital marketing campaigns.

What are the types of content they can create for you?

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Podcasts

Social media video is the most popular type of content available on this list. 

Everyone loves a good video especially when it’s from their favorite person or produced by an experienced videographer.

Actually, the amount of online videos watched has almost doubled since 2018 according to data from Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics.

The report also said people are more likely to share videos than any other type of content.

What types of videos can your creators offer you?

Well, it could be unboxing videos, explainer videos, app tutorial videos, or testimonial videos to mention a few.

A good example is this video from @mrmoodydresser:

Screenshot of mrmoodydresser's TikTok video with the comment section
Image Source: TikTok


The video can demonstrate the creator using your product or show they’ve just received your products and can't wait to use them. 

Pictures and videos tell the audience that people like them are using the brand’s products and they can’t afford to miss out on the trend. 

This picture by LaBrandon does justice to what we’re trying to describe. 

Screenshot of labrandondates' Instagram post with the comment section
Image Source: Instagram

Infographics and Carousels: Did you know that 65% of people retain information from images some days later?

Perhaps that’s why 65% of B2B marketers make use of infographics in their marketing campaigns. 

So what are they?

Just like the name says they are basically information in graphics.

They can also be used for carousels on Instagram.  Carousels are like slideshows that keep people engaged on the page. 

A combination of pictures, memes, and infographics in a carousel would make so much sense for your marketing campaign on social media. 

So after determining what type of content you want for your social media campaign, what’s next?

Step #2: Do your research

Proper research is pretty important so the campaign produces the kind of results you want… 

…and what should you research?

For starters, you want to be aware of what’s trending in your niche and the type of content your competitors are creating. 

You also need to be certain of who your target audience are. 

You probably already have a pretty good idea of who they are from your previous campaigns. 

But now, you wanna crank up the notch a little bit…

                        …actually, a little bit more than a little bit


Take a deep dive into what interests them, who they follow, and where they get information from. 

So, why exactly do you need this?

Because you want to be sure the creator you work with is targeting the same audience you intend to. 

The whole research can be carried out on the social media platforms of your choice (in this case, TikTok and Instagram).

What’s next?

You can use tools like Insense to search for creators. 

We’ll talk more about that in the next section.

Step #3: Head over to a Creator Marketplace

A creator marketplace is a place where brands can find creators to work with. Think of it as eBay but the major product being sold is content creation. 

It can help you find and easily connect with black creators.

How can you get started?

First, from our homepage click on Get Started to log in or sign up on Insense

Screenshot of Insense's main page

The next step you want to take is to fill out a creator brief.

Insense's website

This should contain details about your campaign the creator will need.

Insense's brief

More specifically, the influencer brief should include data such as your campaign objective, brand name, project timeline, product description, and campaign timeline among other things. 

When creating your brief, you can filter creators by location and ethnicity.

Insense's brief

You can further optimize the results by filtering based on the creators’ age, price, gender, and the platform they use. 

Up next, we’re going to look at how much it will cost you to hire a content creator.

How Much Do Content Creators Cost?

The cost of content creation is an important aspect to consider when searching for black content creators or creators from any ethnic background really. 

Let’s look at how much working with content creators for your UGC assets would cost on Insense.

Screenshot of Influencer's video and pricing guideline

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the pricing graphic for Instagram:

  • Nano-creators: $40–80 for one piece of video content, $60–$140 if creators post it, and $100–$150 for creator ads 
  • Micro and Macro creators: $80–$220+ for one piece of new content, $140–$330+ if creators post it, and $200–$390+ for creator ads

How about TikTok?

  • Nano-creators: $40–80 for one piece of video content, $50–$100 if creators post it, and $80–$120 if spark ads are included
  • Micro and Macro creators: $80–$180+ for one piece of video content, $100–$250+ if the content creators post it, and $120–$300+ if spark ads are included

For a lot of content, here’s a budget we recommend:

screenshot of budget recommendations for UGC content

…and to scale your content production to ensure you have a consistent flow of UGC assets, we recommend hiring 20-25 creators per month. Here’s what your budget would look like: 

screenshot of estimated monthly budget for UGC content

4 Great Examples of Businesses Working with Black Creators

Let’s go over some examples of business owners who are working with black creators.

By going through them, you’ll get to see brands getting the kind of results you want and meeting their content needs by partnering with creators that resonate with the black community.

Ready to feel inspired?

Example #1: Hollywood Hair Bar

Our first example is from Hollywood Hair Bar. 

Screenshot of Hollywood Hair Bar's website
Image Source: Hollywood Hair Bar

This is a business that produces all-natural products for black women and Afro hair. Their landing page has user-generated content from consumers who’ve used their products.  

screenshot of customer reviews from Hollywood Hair Bar's website
Image Source: Hollywood Hair Bar

What’s more, their TikTok page is filled with UGC videos from black creators describing how their products work and the results they’ve experienced… 

…like the one in the screenshot below:

screenshot of UGC content


Some creators' posts have even sparked more engagement and led to the creation of more videos. 

Example #2: Ami Colé

Ami Colé is a beauty business based in Harlem, NYC. 

It specializes in making healthier products for the wellness of your skin.

screenshot of Ami Colé's website
Image Source: Ami Colé


The beauty business’ audience is mostly women with melanin-rich skin and what better way to connect with them than to collaborate with black creators. 

Its TikTok page is filled with user-generated content from people of color with some of its posts having as many as 32k views.

This means increased brand reach. 

Here’s an example of a recent post from the business:

screenshot of UGC content


Example #3: Pattern Beauty

The next example we look at is Pattern Beauty.

screenshot of Pattern Beauty's website
Image Source: Pattern Beauty


Pattern Beauty is a business that produces everything that’s needed for fine natural hair which includes styling products, self-care treatments, and hair accessories. 

Most of their posts are from black creatives with their TikTok account garnering as many as 26.8k likes while having only 8k followers. 

The UGC shown below from a creator they collaborated with has had over 18k  views since it was posted. 

Screenshot of UGC content


This piece of content also has engagement with the audience by tagging their friends. 

Isn’t that the kind of results you’d want for your brand’s social media marketing?

Example #4: Pop Bitties

The last but definitely not the least example we look at is Pop Bitties.

Screenshot of Pop Bitties' website
Image Source: Pop Bitties


Pop Bitties produce healthy snacks.

More specifically, healthy potato chips in different flavors. 

They have almost 4k followers on Instagram and have partnered with creators such as Black American creator Lezl Koe Gonzales, to create UGC ads for them.

Here’s an example:

screenshot of Pop Bitties' Instagram Ad

The creators are also getting attribution so you can find it on their social media pages with even more engagement. 

Now, let’s bring this guide to a close.

Now Over to You

That’s it! 

We’ve come to the end of this guide.

We're proud to have over 1,400 black creators on our platform.

If you want to start collaborating with our creators for your UGC campaigns, book a demo.

We’ll make sure you get help every step of the way!

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