Top 10 Influencer Outreach Tools [2024]

Manu Sheen
Manu Sheen
Customer Success Manager at Insense
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So you’ve just decided to launch an influencer marketing campaign for your business.

It’s been a long time coming, with many of your competitors already leveraging this marketing strategy. 

But the moment you started searching for influencers to work with, you realized it’s not as easy as you thought. 

You met influencers who had the right following but with low engagement rates. There were also so many with fake followers and online activities. 😤

Basically, finding the right influencers to work with is difficult.

Sounds like something you’re dealing with?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this guide, you’re going to discover some of the best outreach tools on the market so you can find influencers with ease. 

Let’s get started!

What Are Influencer Outreach Tools? 

Influencer outreach tools are software that can help you find the right social media influencers for your marketing campaigns.

These tools will save you a lot of time and effort that would have otherwise been spent searching for influencers the traditional way. 

You know, like going through the Google search engine or scouring social media platforms for contact information. 

In some instances, you then have to wait for days to get their approval.

It can be a lot to deal with. 

But using influencer outreach tools? That's a better option. These tools will help you find influencers using filters like their audience, social media platforms, age group, location, demographics, and more. 

This way, you’ll be connecting with only the best influencers who fit the profile you want. 

But that’s not all these digital tools have to offer. 

We’ll share more of their benefits in the next section.

Benefits of Influencer Outreach Tools 

With the help of influencer marketing software, you can streamline your influencer outreach process, including how you run campaigns. 

From sourcing content creators or micro-influencers to tracking their performance. 

Here’s an overview of what outreach tools can help you accomplish: 

✅Seamless influencer discovery 

Such tools usually have a large influencer database, making it easy to find the right influencers for your influencer marketing campaign

As we saw earlier, you get to use different filters to streamline the influencer search. 

This is way faster than the traditional method. 

And who knows, it could lead you to several go-to influencer partnerships that last for years.

✅Targeted audience reach 

For your campaign, you’ll want to connect with influencers whose target audience aligns with yours, right?

Well, an outreach tool can help you do exactly that. 

Thanks to the filters we mentioned earlier, you’ll get to connect with influencers with a similar audience to yours. 

And you know that because you can check influencer profiles right on the platform and analyze the kind of followers they have. 

✅Enhanced relationship management

If you’ve gone the traditional way for your outreach campaigns before, you’ll notice that communicating with prospects can be challenging. 

As such, collaboration isn’t always straightforward either. 

But with an outreach tool, you can connect and have discussions with influencers right on the app. 

This makes it easy for you to communicate better and develop great relationships with influencers.

✅Campaign tracking and analytics 

When the influencer marketing campaign has kicked off, outreach tools also help you measure how well it’s doing. 

You know, by tracking metrics like engagement rates or conversion rates for different influencers. 

This way, you can identify what works with an influencer, how to adjust the campaign, or even measure your return on ad spend (ROAS). 

And now for the big reveal — let’s go over some of the best outreach tools for influencer campaign management.

Top 10 Influencer Outreach Tools 

By now, you already know why outreach software is important for your campaign. 

So let’s go ahead and unpack our recommendations.

1. Insense

First on the list is our very own platform — Insense

Insense is one of the best influencer marketing platforms, where you can find influencers to work with. 

Image Source: Insense

If what you need is a tool where you can find influencers or content creators and scale your UGC ad production, then Insense is your go-to platform. 

Now we’re not just saying that, our customers did. Here’s what one of them said:

After only 9 months on the platform, we worked with over 90 creators and generated over 150 creative assets at a very competitive cost. We used this content for our creator ads and had really good results. One creator helped us increase conversions by 5% with her content alone."

Top Features 

Insense is considered a top platform by our customers because of different features, including:

  • Creator marketplace: We’ve got an influencer database of over 20,000 influencers. You get to find influencers using filters like gender, age, etc. You can also analyze their profiles, previous partnerships, and performance. 
  • Campaign management: When you launch a campaign on Insense, you can analyze how well it’s going, and supervise submissions and engagement rates. 
  • Direct chat: On Insense, you get to have real-time conversations with influencers and get notifications. 
  • Payments and copyright: You’ll have digital copyright to any content that’s commissioned through Insense. 
  • Creative brief: This is a document summarizing what you want your campaign to be like, in terms of target audience, video content, and price. It’ll help you identify influencers who are the right fit for you. 
  • Creator partnership ads: You can also run paid ads directly from Insense. You just connect the influencers’ social media accounts and take it up from there.


Insense offers four customized pricing plans. The least expensive is our UGC plan starting at $400 per month. 

Then, there’s a UGC + Creator Ads plan starting at $450 per month. It’s our most popular package and it helps scale your UGC ad marketing campaign. 

Lastly, we’ve got an Advanced plan starting from $1,500 per month. This plan offers a dedicated platform manager, creator shortlisting, campaign launching, and more.

2. is an AI-driven influencer outreach platform that can help you find relevant influencers for your campaign.

Image Source: Affable

The platform features over 20 filters such as brand affiliation, interests, audience demographics, suspicious followers, and more. 

With these filters, you can find specific influencers within your niche. 

On Affable, you’ll also find a detailed analysis of influencers on your radar with the tool showing details like their audience interest, engagement rate, fake followers, etc.

Top Features 

Here are some of Affable’s top features:

  • Influencer discovery: Automate how you find influencers through image search, text search, and conversational chat. 
  • Auto-reply to handle certain conversations with influencers using pre-existing templates.
  • Campaign tracking: Keep track of how influencer-generated content is performing and export details to PowerPoint for analysis. 
  • Social listening: Find out which influencers are driving the most engagement or what hashtags are trending.


Affable’s prices are only available on request. 

However, they’ve got 3 plans: 

  • Essentials for small businesses.
  • Enterprise to scale influencer campaigns.
  • Advanced for large brands. 
Image Source: Affable

3. Upfluence

If you’re looking for a platform that can help you run end-to-end influencer marketing campaigns and affiliate or brand ambassadorship programs, then Upfluence is the platform for you. 

Image Source: Upfluence

On Upfluence, you can either search for influencers in different sectors or turn your customers into influential affiliates. 

In other words, you get to find creators or influencers who already love your brand, using different filters like niche, location, or engagement rates.

Top Features 

Upfluence’s main features include:

  • Influencer discovery so you can find influencers based on data.
  • Creator relationship management (CRM) to manage your influencer campaigns with a customized workflow.
  • Payment automation to pay partners with a single click. 
  • Influencer tracking to automatically measure sales and return on investment (ROI). 


Upfluence’s quotations are only available on demand. 

But they’ve got three paid plans:

  • Growth plan for 1 seat.
  • Scale plan for 5 seats.
  • Enterprise plan for 25 seats. 
Image Source: Upfluence


GRIN is a management platform advertisers and brands can use for influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, branded content, and more.

Image Source: GRIN

There are different ways to find influencers on this management tool. You can leverage creator search using different filters or while browsing social media. 

They’ve got other options too such as:

  • Landing pages: To connect you with creators willing to work with you. 
  • Social listening: You get to find influencers discussing your brand on social media. 
  • Curated lists: You describe your ideal influencer and the GRIN team will present you with prospects.

Top Features 

GRIN has different features for influencer outreach. They include:

  • Influencer recruitment provides you with different options to find influencers for your campaigns.
  • User-generated content (UGC) management to store and track all the content influencers have created for you. 
  • Reporting and analytics to track influencers' performance and your ROI. 
  • Payments so influencers get paid seamlessly and you can track your expenses.


GRIN’s pricing structure is only available on request. You have to fill out a form to learn more about that. 

However, you can request a demo to see the platform in real time.


Aspire is another creator outreach platform that can help you find influencers, manage content marketing campaigns, and track results too.

Image Source: Aspire

On this marketing platform, finding influencers is a two-way street. You can either actively find them or be found by them. 

And it’s not just influencers you can discover here. 

Aspire can help you find brand ambassadors, affiliates, customers, or creators — basically, influential people.

Top Features 

Here are some of Aspire’s major features:

  • Influencer search engine to find and contact influencers across different social media platforms. 
  • Creator marketplace where you can share campaigns and receive inbound applications from influencers. 
  • Campaign management to help you build a custom influencer campaign workflow.
  • Content management so you can track, review, and approve content from influencers within Aspire. 


Aspire’s pricing package isn’t listed on their website at the moment. 

You’d have to reach out and request a demo to learn more about their prices.

6. Hunter

Hunter is digital marketing software that can help you find influential people in your industry. 

Image Source: Hunter

To be more specific, it’s an outreach tool for finding the email addresses of these people.

Top Features 

Hunter’s features include:

  • Domain search for finding the best person to reach out to from a website or company name. 
  • Email finder to get the email of any professional by typing their names. 
  • Email verifier so you’re sure emails are getting to the right person.


Hunter has four pricing packages:

  • A Free plan
  • Starter plan at $34/mo for 500 searches.
  • Growth plan at $104/mo for 5,000 searches.
  • Business plan at $349/mo for 50,000 searches. 
Image Source: Hunter

7. Tagger

Tagger is another influencer marketing platform that can help you carry out detailed market research, discover influencers, and hire them with ease. 

Image Source: Tagger

With Tagger, you can find influencers interested in your brand by using an affinity tool. 

This tool is a proprietary algorithm that helps ensure your list of influencers has communities that align with your brand’s community or are at least similar.

Top Features 

Here’s an overview of some of Tagger’s features:

  • Signals for in-depth research, monitoring campaign performance, and knowing who’s talking about you. 
  • Creator profile discovery to find the right influencers and creators using different filter combinations.
  • Intuitive dashboard for managing campaigns, hiring and paying influencers, content review, and more. 
  • Report builder to track campaign performance, gather insights, measure metrics, etc. 


Tagger’s pricing information is only available on request. But they’ve got three plans you can choose from. 

  • Starter plan for up to 2 seats. 
  • Professional plan for 5 seats. 
  • Enterprise plan for 10 seats. 
Image Source: Tagger

8. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is an outreach platform for SEO expert brands to find bloggers, influencers, and publishers within your industry. 

Image Source: Pitchbox

This platform can help you scale link-building campaigns. It handles the whole process — reaching out to prospects, emailing them, automated follow-ups, and just managing the entire workflow.

Top Features 

Some of Pitchbox’s main features are:

  • Contact discovery for finding contact details for bloggers and influencers. 
  • CRM to streamline communications and tasks to a single location. 
  • Reports for insights into influencers and blogger outreach campaigns. 
  • Outreach workflow to segment your team’s work.


Pitchbox has two pricing options — the Professional plan, starting at $550/mo, and Enterprise starting at $1,500/mo. 

Image Source: Pitchbox

9. Klear

Klear is an influencer marketing platform that can help you find influencers with ease.  

Image Source: Klear

Once you discover influencers you’d like to work with, you just click and connect with them.

Top Features 

Klear’s main features include

  • Influencer discovery to search for influencers using smart AI and advanced filters. 
  • Influencer analytics such as true reach, audience demographics, and engagement to find the right influencers. 
  • Relationship management to streamline how you communicate and build lasting relationships with influencers.  
  • Campaign management for monitoring brand mentions, campaign performance, ROI, and best-performing content.


To learn about Klear’s pricing quotes, you’ll have to get in touch with them and request a demo. 

However, Klear offers three pricing packages:

  • Professional plan for a single user.
  • eCommerce plan for up to 5 users. 
  • Enterprise plan for up to 10 users. 
Image Source: Klear

10. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a digital tool that a marketing agency can use to improve its outreach strategy and to find the most influential people in your industry. 

Image Source: BuzzSumo

With BuzzSumo, you get to study influencers you wanna work with so you can develop lasting connections with them. 


By analyzing content on social media apps like TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram to discover who has authored the most content or who has the most shares.

Top Features 

Here are a few of BuzzSumo’s features: 

  • Content discovery to come up with ideas by browsing trends, forums, and topics. 
  • Content research for scanning posts to help you uncover new insights. 
  • Influencer discovery to find influencers based on topics or the amount of content they’ve produced.
  • Monitoring to track social media mentions of your brand, products, and competitors.


BuzzSumo has four pricing plans: 

  • Content creation starts at $199/mo for a single user. 
  • PR & comms starting at $299/mo for 5 users. 
  • Suite starting at $499/mo for 10 users. 
  • Enterprise starts at $999/mo for 30 users. 
Image Source: BuzzSumo


And that’s it, we’ve come to the end of this guide.

We hope that with this information, you can now have a hassle-free influencer search.

One more parting gift before you go and that’s to show you how to…

Improve Your Influencer Outreach Game With The Right Tool 

We’ve touched on a lot of tools that can help streamline your influencer marketing efforts. 

But does that mean you have to try all of them out before you find ‘the one’?

Well, not really.

However, you have to start somewhere. You can begin by booking a demo with Insense and let’s show you how to find potential influencers for your campaigns.

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