24 Instagram Stories Ideas Any Business Should Use in 2024

Jade Cottee
Jade Cottee
Content Marketing Manager
An influencer filming herself cleansing her face

Imagine for a moment that every time your Instagram stories appeared on someone's feed, they couldn't help but stop and take a look. 

That would be a dream come true, wouldn't it? 

The good news is, it's possible — and all it takes is some creative and compelling story ideas.

There are countless ways to diversify your Instagram schedule and capture your audience's attention on Instagram, from interactive polls to themed stories and many more.

That's where this blog post comes in; we've rounded up 24 Instagram Story ideas to help you create captivating content.

Let’s get into it!

Idea #1: A “This or That”

A ‘’this or that” involves creating a poll with two options for your followers to choose from. 

For example, you can ask them to choose between two different products or to pick their favorite from a list of options, just like the clothing brand Rawson did!

Image Source: Instagram

Why this story idea? 

This type of story allows businesses to learn more about their audience's preferences and interests, which can be helpful for targeted marketing and product development. 

It also creates engagement and interaction with your audience, making them feel more connected to your brand.

Additionally, it helps increase the reach and visibility of your story, as followers may share their choice with their followers.

Idea #2: Themed Story

A themed story is all about creating a consistent theme or aesthetic for your Instagram Stories, such as a specific color scheme or visual style. 

You can use Instagram's built-in design tools to create a cohesive look and feel across all your stories.

An example is the Australian company Obus. During Fashion Revolution Week, the fashion brand took advantage of the opportunity to showcase the individuals behind its clothing production. 

It created a series of Instagram stories that introduced the people responsible for making Obus products to the world. 

Image Source: Instagram

Using candid photography, a cohesive color scheme, and highlighting a sense of fun and collaboration in its stories, Obus was able to create a deeper connection between customers and the brand.

Why this story idea? 

This type of story allows your brand to showcase its personality, which can help increase brand loyalty. 

Using a consistent theme can also help your audience quickly identify and recognize your brand, making it more likely that your followers will remember it and engage with your future stories.

Idea #3: Quiz Your Customers

Get to know your audience better by quizzing them with a fun, interactive Instagram Story. 

You can use Instagram's question sticker to ask multiple-choice questions about your products, services, or brand, similar to the approach Missguided took in the example below. 

Image Source: Instagram

You can even use the quiz to gather valuable information about your audience's preferences and interests. 

Then, make it even more engaging by offering a prize or discount to a randomly selected winner.

Why this story idea? 

Quizzes can help you learn more about your audience's preferences, which can be helpful for targeted marketing and product development. 

Plus, it's fun to connect with your audience and make them feel more connected to your brand.

Idea #4: Put Your Followers in the Spotlight

Show your followers some love: put them in the spotlight by sharing user-generated content (UGC) on your Instagram Story, whether it's a post featuring your product or a testimonial from a happy customer. 

Image Source: Instagram

Lush prominently features customer photos, such as bath-bomb reveals and face-mask selfies, on their Instagram page, acting as a form of peer-to-peer recommendation for new followers and potential shoppers.

Why this story idea? 

Highlighting your followers on your Instagram Story shows your appreciation for their support and boosts brand loyalty.

It also helps to build trust and credibility by showcasing real-life examples of happy customers using your products or services, as 92% of consumers trust organic, user-generated content (UGC) more than traditional forms of advertising!

Idea #5: Product/Service Launch Countdown

Get your audience pumped up for a new product or service launch with a fun and interactive countdown on your Instagram Story. 

Image Source: Instagram

The Lost Girls Vintage from Chicago amped up the holiday spirit with a thrilling countdown to their dress shop launch, so their followers don’t miss out on snagging exclusive, limited vintage finds.

Cool Tip: You can share sneak peeks and teasers of the new product or service to create buzz and build excitement. Add some emojis to make it even more engaging and fun.

Why this story idea? 

A countdown is fantastic for building excitement and anticipation for a new product or service launch. 

It also helps to create a sense of urgency, which can drive more sales. 

Sneak peeks of the new product or service can also increase the reach and visibility of your story, as followers may share the story with their friends and family. 

Moreover, building a sense of community around your brand is fun.

Idea #6: Deals and Discounts Promo

Everyone loves a good deal, and what better way to attract potential customers and retain current ones than by offering exclusive discounts and promotions through Instagram stories? 

Image Source: Instagram

By using Instagram's "swipe-up" feature, brands can direct users to their website or landing page to redeem discounts. 

Make your promotions look different from the rest of your feed posts by using a unique color scheme, creative graphics, and creative Instagram Story templates, as you can see above with Hoppers!

Plus, tagging influencers and using hashtags helps you expand your reach and attract new followers interested in deals and discounts.

Why this story idea? 

This type of content is highly shareable, which can lead to viral marketing and increased brand visibility.

To make the most out of this idea, it's important to use eye-catching visuals and clear calls to action. 

Idea #7: Interactive Stickers

Interactive stickers can make your Instagram stories stand out and encourage audience participation. 

You can use interactive stickers to run giveaways, contests, or promotions.

Image Source: Instagram 

Besides, you can use the poll sticker to ask your audience to vote on a new product or service, or the quiz sticker to test their knowledge of your brand or industry. 

Here, Yankee Candle asked their customers to match the candle notes to the right candle name with a cute Christmas quiz sticker.

Cool Tip: Use gifs and emojis to add humor and personality to your interactive stickers.

Why this story idea? 

Interactive stickers allow your followers to express their opinions and preferences, and it also allows you to gather valuable feedback about your brand or products. 

For example, you can use the question sticker to ask your audience about their favorite product or service and then repost their answers on your Instagram. 

This way, you can collect user-generated content (UGC) and show your followers that you value their opinions.

Idea #8: Repost UGC

User-generated content is a powerful tool for building trust and credibility with your audience. 

By reposting UGC videos on your Instagram stories, you're showing your followers that real people are using and loving your products, which can help to increase social proof and drive conversions. 

Besides, reposting UGC is a great way to give your customers a shout-out and make them feel valued by your brand. 

To make it even more engaging, use the "tag" feature to give credit to the original creator and encourage them to share their experience with their own followers.

UGC not only helps you boost sales and strengthen customer relationships, but it also provides a simple solution for filling up your Instagram content schedule.

Take Fella Swim, for instance; they collate UGC under their "As Seen On" series using a customized Instagram stories template.

Image Source: Instagram

This approach showcases the brand's style and blends smoothly with its profile. 

It also adds a touch of excitement for viewers, plus the bonus of swipe-up links to purchase products. 

Why this story idea?

Reposting UGC on Instagram stories builds trust and credibility with your audience. 

It also helps increase brand awareness and engagement by encouraging the original creator to share their experience with followers.

Idea #9: Product Mini-Tutorials

Showing off your products in action can be a powerful way to display their value and potential uses. 

That's why creating mini-tutorials for your products on Instagram stories should be on your list. 

You can demonstrate how to use your products creatively, giving your audience a sneak peek at what they may consider buying from you. 

Image Source: Instagram

Clinique, for example, provides small tutorials for its products, making them look approachable and easy to use.

Cool Tip: You can use the "swipe up" feature to direct viewers to your website to purchase the product.

Why this story idea?

Product mini-tutorials give your audience a taste of what they’ll be getting from your brand, creating a sense of curiosity. 

Also, it educates your audience about your product and makes it more relatable.

Idea #10: Repurposed Newsletters and Blog Posts

Sharing repurposed newsletters and blog posts on Instagram stories is one of the best ways to increase the reach of your written content and drive traffic to your website. 

You can take snippets from your newsletters and blog posts, add some fun graphics, and share them on your Instagram stories. 

You can also include a swipe-up link to the full article, making it easy for your audience to read the entire piece, as Oroton did.

Image Source: Instagram

Why this story idea?

When you repurpose your newsletters and blog posts on Instagram, you reach a wider audience and increase visibility for your written content. 

Plus, it gives your followers a hint of your content and entices them to visit your website to read the full article.

Idea #11: IG Live Session Announcement

Hosting a live session on Instagram is ideal for connecting with your audience and providing valuable information about your brand or product. 

But more than just announcing the live session is required; you have to get your followers excited about it too! 

Use Instagram stories to create a sense of anticipation and build hype for your live event. 

You can share a small peek of what your followers can expect; give them a reason to tune in and make sure they mark the date and time on their calendars.

As you can see here, The Sill hosted an "Ask Me Anything" on Instagram Live with a team member and created a branded graphic to inform followers in advance. 

This allowed the followers to get ready to participate and ask their questions.

Image Source: Instagram

Cool Tip: You can use Instagram's countdown sticker to create a sense of urgency and use hashtags and Instagram's tagging feature to reach a wider audience.

Why this story idea? 

Live sessions can increase engagement and build trust with your audience.

It allows followers to ask questions and get to know your brand better in real time. At the same time,  you can showcase exclusive promotions and influencer collaborations.

Idea #12: “AMA” (Ask Me Anything)

Want to get to know your followers better? 

Why not host an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) session on your Instagram stories? 

To get started, simply use the question sticker to ask followers to submit their questions. 

Then, take the time to answer as many of them as possible in a series of Instagram stories. 

Not only will this give your followers a chance to get to know you and your brand better, but it’ll also give you valuable insights into what they're interested in and want to know more about.

Image Source: Instagram

A superb example is Benefit Cosmetics: the company showcased two employees on Instagram stories, answering questions about their products, the work environment at Benefit, and more.

Why this story idea?

This cool Instagram Story idea can be effective for gaining insights from your followers and shaping your content strategy according to their preferences.

Idea #13: Behind the Scenes

Showing your business's inner workings can help build trust and give customers a glimpse into the people and processes behind the products they love. 

Try using Instagram stories to give a "day in the life" look at your team members or share a behind-the-scenes look at how your products are made. 

Also, you can use spontaneous photography and an informal tone to make the content feel relatable and authentic, to build brand awareness, and to give customers a reason to follow your account.

Zomato shared raw moments, displaying the process of making their products.

Giving an unfiltered view of brands is similar to a restaurant showing its kitchen to customers.

Image Source: Instagram

Why this story idea?

A behind-the-scenes look at a company can help build trust and a deeper connection with the audience and make them feel more involved with the brand.

Idea #14: Milestones and Events Hype-Building

This story idea is about showcasing a company's accomplishments and significant events engagingly and interactively. 

You can feature milestone markers, such as the number of customers served or years in business, and highlight key events.

As you can see below, Keds shared their 10K followers milestone with everyone and hosted a free giveaway of 10K gifts to match their achievement.

Image Source: Instagram

Cool Tip: Why not use Instagram's countdown sticker to get everyone excited about your event?

Why this story idea?

This is a great way to create buzz around an upcoming event or milestone.

It also gives your followers a glimpse into the brand's history and what makes it unique, acknowledging what makes you different from everybody else on the market.

Idea #15: Inspirational Quotes

A simple but effective way to add value to your Instagram stories is to share inspiring or motivational quotes. 

Use Canva or another design tool to create eye-catching graphics, and be sure to include your own brand's name or logo. 

You can also share quotes that align with your brand's values or mission and try to choose quotes that will resonate with your target audience.

Why this story idea?

Sharing inspirational quotes on your Instagram stories can add value to your audience's day and encourage people to follow your account for more uplifting content.

Idea #16: User Reviews and Testimonials

Sharing user reviews and testimonials are a great way to build social proof and encourage new customers to try your products or services. 

Use Instagram stories to share snippets of positive reviews like the Inkbox feedback you see below, or create a series of stories featuring video testimonials from satisfied customers. 

Image Source: Instagram

Why this story idea?

User reviews and testimonials are a powerful form of social proof that can help boost your brand's credibility and attract new customers. 

By sharing user reviews on Instagram stories, you can build trust and establish your brand as a reputable and trustworthy source of products or services.

Idea #17: A How-to Story

Create a series of Instagram stories that provide step-by-step instructions on using your products or services. 

Overall, you can use a creative approach and add fun graphics and animations to make the tutorial engaging and easy to follow. 

Image Source: Instagram

Etsy frequently shares "How-to" guides with detailed instructions on creative projects, enhancing customer experience and adding a playful touch to their social media presence. 

They only provide a tutorial preview, incentivizing viewers to visit their website for the full instructions.

Why this story idea?

Creating step-by-step instructions on how to use your products or services can help your followers get the most out of them, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Idea #18: Announce Contest Winners

Announcing contest winners on Instagram stories is a very interactive way to engage with your audience and build brand loyalty. 

Image Source: Instagram

Remember to tag the winner in your Instagram Story, just like McGee & Co did with their contest story you see above, and use an attractive template.

Don’t forget to

  • Make the story shareable for the winner to spread the news
  • Include a swipe-up link to the giveaway, winners' page, or video
  • Add the story to your highlights for new followers to see your giveaway history
  • Link to original giveaway post (if possible) for followers to view details

Cool Tip: You can use Instagram's "Poll" or "Question" stickers to gather entries.

Why this story idea?

Announcing contest winners on Instagram stories gives your followers and subscribers a chance to participate and win and creates buzz and excitement around your brand. 

It's also a great content idea to show off the creativity of your followers and create a sense of solidarity.

Idea #19: Share Relatable, Fun Memes

Why settle for boring story content when you can add a dash of humor and relatability to your Instagram account with memes? 

It's a fantastic way to engage your followers and add a touch of personality to your page.

Image Source: Instagram

Share memes that align with your brand, or just pick ones that will get a laugh. 

Why This Story Idea?

Memes are the internet's favorite language and are always a hit with audiences. Sharing relatable memes can make your business feel approachable, which can help build a strong connection with your followers. 

Idea #20: Emoji Invite to Tap to the Next Slide

Make your Instagram Story interactive using emojis to guide your followers from slide to slide. 

Encourage them to tap through to see what's next and make your story more engaging. 

You could use emojis like 🔜, 👀, or 🤔 to signal what's coming next.

Why This Story Idea: 

Emojis are a fun and interactive way to add personality to your Instagram Story. 

They can also stand out in a sea of Instagram posts and keep your followers engaged with your brand.

Idea #21: Emoji Sliders for Collecting Reactions

Who wouldn't love a fun way to collect feedback from the audience? 

With emoji sliders in your Instagram stories, you can ask your followers to slide to a certain emoji that corresponds with their opinion on a specific topic, just like you see below with the TechCrunch story:

Image Source: Instagram

It's a creative and playful way to gather data and insights from your audience, and it adds an interactive element to your new post that's sure to keep your followers engaged.

Why This Story Idea?

Emoji sliders are a great way to add a touch of humor and personality to your Instagram stories. 

Plus, they can help you learn more about your followers' preferences and opinions, which can inform your future content and product launches.

Idea #22: Promote Instagram Reels

Are you already utilizing the power of Instagram Reels

If not, it's time to start! 

By creating and promoting your own Reels, you'll tap into a new pool of followers, increase your visibility and engagement, and give your business account a fresh and dynamic vibe. 

To promote your Reels, simply add them to your Instagram Story highlights or share them in your regular post stories. 

You can even use the link sticker in your Instagram stories to drive traffic directly to your Reel.

It will look like this screenshot:

Image Source: Instagram

Cool Tip: When sharing a Reel to your Story, play with the placement, size, and orientation. Make it eye-catching by adding a caption or GIF. Another tactic is to partially cover the Reel with a GIF or sticker, piquing viewers' curiosity and enticing them to click for more.

Why this story idea?

The fun and dynamic nature of Reels makes them a perfect fit for businesses looking to connect with their followers on a more personal level while also boosting their social media marketing efforts.

Idea #23: Buying Guides

Are you looking for a creative Instagram Story idea to promote your products and services? 

Create a buying guide! 

This can be a simple story that provides your followers with the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. 

Feel free to add your product images, descriptions, and even a call to action to encourage followers to take the next step and purchase.

Why this story idea?

Buying guides effectively educate your followers about your products and services and help them make informed decisions. 

By providing helpful information and a clear call to action, you'll increase the likelihood of followers taking the next step and making a purchase.

Idea #24: IG Feed Collage

Show off your brand's personality and creativity with a fun collage of your recent Instagram feed posts.

Use a collage app to arrange your posts appealingly and add text or graphics to highlight your brand's unique qualities. 

Why this story idea? 

The feed collage is a creative way to showcase your brand and what sets it apart from others in the industry. 

It allows you to use your Instagram marketing strategy and share content highlighting your brand's unique qualities and personality. 

In addition, by resharing your recent posts in a collage format, you can give your followers a glimpse into your brand's day-to-day activities and what they can expect from your Instagram account.

Start Creating Fabulous Instagram Stories

And that's a wrap! 

We hope this blog post has given you plenty of inspiration for your Instagram stories. 

As you can see, there's no need to confine yourself to a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to creating content for your brand. 

These 24 ideas are versatile enough to be tailored to any business, big or small.

So feel free to book a demo with us to see how we can help you implement Instagram story ideas, and let’s brainstorm together.

See you soon! 👋🏽

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