How to Get Your Business Noticed on TikTok With Sponsored Ads

Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia
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Are you looking for exciting and innovative ways to grow your TikTok brand?

You’re in the right place.

TikTok reaches your business audience in a fun, engaging, and interesting way.  

And it gets even better! 

You can leverage the benefits of TikTok by increasing your reach and getting a lot more potential customers to see your TikTok content. 

How? By using TikTok sponsored ads!

TikTok sponsored ads boost your already performing organic posts to achieve greater engagement and conversion. 

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get started: 

  • What are TikTok sponsored ads?
  • Benefits of using Spark ads
  • Spark ads vs. Regular ads
  • How to create Spark ads (a step-by-step guide)

Guess what? You’re just a few sections away from creating your sponsored ads. 

Let’s go! 

What Are TikTok Sponsored Ads?

TikTok sponsored ads are ways of boosting the visibility of organic TikTok posts to reach a wider audience. You can either promote posts from your business’ account or from an influencer’s account with their authorization. 

Spark ads are more natural and engaging than non-spark ads. The post which is boosted remains on your page and can still deliver endless results even after a long while. It’s a more rewarding type of influencer marketing.

Image Source: TikTok

The goal is to promote your brand creatively and increase your reach. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of other benefits of using spark ads that we’ll discuss right away.

Benefits of using Spark Ads

Spark ads have yielded results for many brands and these results are replicable for your business. Let’s see some benefits and examples.

  1. Partnership opportunities: Spark ads enable brands to leverage partnerships with TikTok influencers. This feature removes the limit of a brand's follower count. 

Partnering with influencers boosts view rates by 193%. The posts also remain on their social media accounts and have the potential for conversion even without running new TikTok ads. 

  1. Increased engagement on organic content: Brands can leverage high-performing organic posts to achieve even better results. 

Over 885 million people get to see TikTok ads. 

This puts advertising on Tik Tok way above other social media platforms. Spark ads improve the engagement of already engaging content because the video views, Tiktok profile visits, and any other metric from the sponsored post still remain with the post after the promotion is over.

  1. Authentic advertising: Sponsored posts fit in naturally and catch the attention of active users. 

Also, because social media influencers are building their personal brand, they create more authentic and user generated creatives. 

This makes the advertisement natural, which is favored by the TikTok algorithm. 

For example, Costa Coffee used Spark ads to boost 14 videos that were inspired by the usual TikTok singing, fitness, animal, and luxury content. 

It was authentic and the results were insane. They had over 42 million impressions which meant a 159% increase in their number of followers.  

  1. Improved ROI on advertising: With sponsored ads, brands can have cost-effective advertising or outreach. 

For instance, Costa’s campaign results as seen above were obtained at £1.39CPM which is an almost inconsequential investment compared to their results. 

Brands also don’t have to spend their budgets on new ad creatives and can run cheaper campaigns by collaborating with micro-influencers. 

Now you know the benefits of Spark ads, we’ll go on to the next section to tell you why Spark ads are even better than regular ads.

Hang on.

Spark Ads vs. Regular Ads

Non-spark ads or regular ads are placed in the For You pages of TikTok users based on your target audience demographics. They can be Tiktok videos, carousels, or just pictures.

While spark ads afford brands unlimited sponsorship opportunities with a single creative, regular ads are not sustainable and do not convert as much. 

For spark ads, there are no standard video dimensions or file sizes. You can upload videos with varying dimensions, resolutions, or file sizes. 

Also, Spark ads allow you to tag the creator or brand’s account. This is however not possible for regular ads that just take you to a landing page. 

You can also use emojis and hashtags in the captions. With Spark ads, innovative features like stitch, stickers, duet, and audio saving are allowed. 

Image Source: TikTok

As seen in the image, there are countless opportunities for converting viewers using Spark ads. They can visit your profile by clicking the profile photo and nickname or by swiping to the left. 

They can also go to the landing page by clicking the CTA button at the bottom left corner. 

It’s apparent that the best way to boost your brand on TikTok, as well as drive sales, is by using Spark ads. 

Let’s now see how to create the perfect Spark ad for your brand. 

How to Create Spark Ads

Spark ads may seem complex but you can pull it off with the guidance of this blog. There are two sponsored ad methods you can use. 

Method #1: Using your own videos and creative assets

The good thing about TikTok sponsorships is that advertising is seamless and effortless as you can use already existing videos and creative assets. 

The post to be sponsored should be planned and chosen based on the following criteria:

  • There should be a high engagement rate for the existing creative by your TikTok followers. That is proof that your current followers are interested in that content and so, your target audience would be interested in it too. 
  • The post should reflect the brand identity of your TikTok profile
  • The post should have a definite call-to-action: This may be to increase your number of followers and subscribers or even to get other content creators to participate in a challenge or trend.

When you’re sure that the organic post you intend to boost meets these requirements, it is good enough for sponsorship.

If you want to use your own creative assets, then your brand’s TikTok profile would be the platform for those organic posts. 

Here’s how to start 

  • Link your TikTok Business account to the TikTok ads manager 
  • In the TikTok ads dashboard, there are three options to the top left. Complete the Campaign and Ad group settings.
  • Then turn on the Use TikTok account to deliver Spark Ads toggle.
                                          Image Source: TikTok
  • After selecting the option Use TikTok account, you can continue by choosing ‘use your account owned by you’ from the drop-down menu and get access to any of your organic posts by choosing the +TikTok Post option 
Image Source: TikTok
  • If you choose the +video option, you can also upload a new video from your device, add from your library of already used spark ads videos or you can create an entirely new video from scratch. 
  • Select the video you want to use and confirm. 
  • When you click submit, your ad gets reviewed. After this, it is published on your TikTok business account. 

Method #2: Using accounts or posts from other TikTok creators

The TikTok creator marketplace is filled with influencers who can make your ads skyrocket with their engaged audience. 

You have to decide which TikTok creator is suitable for your brand. The creator’s own brand goals have to align with yours and they have to represent your brand in a way that is cohesive with your brand identity. 

Once you’re sure which creator to use and have made a brand deal with them, you’re good to start on the steps below.

  1. Enable access to other TikTok accounts from the Ad settings on your TikTok business center.
  2. Ensure the creatives authorize the use of their posts for your spark ads. 
  3. Once they have enabled the ad authorization toggle and agreed to the advertising content terms and conditions, they need to generate a code to share with you. 
  4. The video code enables you to start the process of creating your spark ads using their account. 
  5. Go to your TikTok Ads manager; Go to Assets > Creative > Spark ads posts. 
  6. Click Apply for Authorization and then search for the post using the video code. 
Image Source: TikTok
  1. Once you’ve reviewed and confirmed the post, you have successfully added the post to your Ads Manager and can follow the steps in the previous method to create your ad. 
  2. However, select ‘Use other authorized account or post’ and then choose the TikToker you’re partnering with. 
  3. Submit the post and your spark ad is ready.

You can start right away but let’s do a quick recap of all that you’ve read. 

Start Creating Ads Now

You know how these spark ads work, so you’re one step away from getting your business noticed on TikTok. 

Remember, Spark ads are a sure way to make your advertising seamless, natural, and highly effective. 

Want to learn more about Spark ads? Check out the Insense guide.

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