The Complete Guide to User Generated Content Platforms

Alex Fedorenko
Alex Fedorenko
Managing Partner & Co-Founder at Insense
Insense is a marketplace to collaborate with creators for UGC, posting, and whitelisted ads. 
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People trust people more than brands. This is a simple truth. Imagine you decide to subscribe to some service, or buy a cellphone, or a bicycle, or even a house – no matter how great your purchase will be and how much you’re going to spend.

What will affect your decision more – a nice ad that tells only how good the product is, or the honest review of the real person who has already bought and used it? Get it right, we are not here to downplay the power of traditional advertisement. Still, we anyway guess it will be the second option.

That what the user-generated content in simple words is: the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth.

What is user-generated content

User-generated content or UGC is any form of content that has been created and posted by users and customers – just like you and we are – on online platforms and social media. It can be the tagged post on Instagram, or honest recommendation at the Facebook post, or Youtube tutorial, or a witty quote with the mention on Twitter.

Images, videos, text, audio, reviews, ratings, feedback that appear on social media featuring product, service, or brand can be used as UGC. This kind of content is emotional, authentic, trustworthy. It is very close to the audience, as it’s made by the audience itself.

And since the amount of user-generated content produced every day is enormous, you need some tools to manage it. Let’s call them user-generated content platforms.

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What are user-generated content platforms

User-generated content platforms help brands curate user-generated content from different social media and online platforms for marketing purposes.

UGC platforms make the process of finding, collecting, and presenting content from social media easier. These tools also allow you to customize UGC you’ve found and then display it through various marketing channels: websites, emails, social ads, events, and more. Turn UGC to work on your side with these very special tools we listed below.

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User-generated content platforms

Olapic is a visual marketing platform that helps brands to tell their stories with customers’ visual content. Olapic finds content, activates, and optimize it across marketing channels.

Stackla is an AI-powered user-generated content platform and asset manager, which discovers and manages the best visual content from across social media.

Yotpo is an eCommerce marketing platform that helps collect and showcase customer reviews, visual content, loyalty, referrals, ratings, Q&A, and more. You can start with a free plan and then upgrade as you grow.

PowerReviews provides technology and tools for retailers and e-commerce companies to host product reviews on their websites.

Taggbox is a social content aggregator that helps to curate social posts related to the brand and share it with the audience. It works by consolidating stories posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and other social media platforms in a social wall.

Later helps to visually plan, schedule, and analyze posts for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

What TurnTo application does is gather user-generated content with its four products: Ratings & Reviews, Community Q&A, Visual Reviews, and Checkout Comments.

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Why you need user-generated content in your marketing strategy

Imagine user-generated content as a gift from your customer, who captured and shared experience and emotions related to your service or product.

It is completely free for you and, at the same time, priceless for your brand. If used right, it can get your marketing strategy to new heights since the most trustworthy and low-cost marketing option available. User-generated content helps brands:

  • Build trust
  • Build up the community around your brand
  • Drive purchasing decisions
  • Increase engagement
  • Improve SEO
  • Make “social proof”
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Using Insense to create high-quality user-generated content

One of the most effective user-generated content marketing strategies is to set up a partnership with an influencer. That is the exact thing you can do via Insense. There are 35000 vetted content creators from Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok on our marketplace, ready to collaborate and come up with some original visual content for your brand.  

You have to fill out the brief and set up some important points, such as needed location, demographics, and pricing. Then we’ll review it, and you get chosen creators to work with.

Try Insense today and see for yourself how powerful user-generated content is!

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