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Black Friday started in America but has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Every year, it’s one of the biggest days for shopping. Read on to learn about why Black Friday social media posts matter and how you can ace your Black Friday campaign planning this year and beyond.

Why Black Friday Social Media Posts Matter

Black Friday is a dream come true for shoppers and retailers. It’s difficult to find a business that doesn't offer discounts on the big day. Why does social media on Black Friday matter? Here’s the scoop...

Why Black Friday Social Media Posts Matter

Black Friday and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Black Friday kicks off the holiday season in a sense, prompting consumers to buy holiday gifts while they’re discounted. Shopping is moving in an online direction in general, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Friday is expected to be majorly online this year. How does this tie into social media? Well, social media excels at promoting online goods. Good social media posts and ads intrigue consumers to click and buy right then and there.

Black Friday and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Black Friday Social Media Ads Are a Great Way to Drive Sales

With Black Friday being mostly online this year, it’s crucial to have not only great social media posts but also great social media ads. The competition is very steep between retailers on Black Friday. That’s why it’s crucial to ace your social media ads and drive sales.

Black Friday Social Media Ads Are a Great Way to Drive Sales

10 Black Friday Social Media Campaign Ideas for 2020

Here they are in no particular order...

1. Use Hashtags

Tons of people search far and wide for Black Friday deals. On social media, hashtags are one of the best ways to let everyone know about your deals. Your followers will see your posts, and using popular hashtags will let you strut your stuff to an even wider audience. Search for #BlackFriday and see what other hashtags popular retailers are using.

2. Add a Freebie to Qualifying Purchases

Everyone loves free stuff, and the holiday season is the perfect time to give your customers an extra treat with their purchase. Use social media to make it known that you’re giving away free items with Black Friday purchases.

3. Offer Free Shipping

Let’s face it. Almost every online retailer has to compete with Amazon. It’s hard for users to pass on Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping. You may have some sweet deals rolling out on Black Friday, but you can sweeten them further by offering free shipping. Customers will love that, just remember to spread the news on social media.

4. Create a Gift Guide

With a handful of holidays happening in December, November is usually when people start planning their holiday shopping. You can help out consumers by putting together a gift guide. It’s a great way to attract people who need some inspiration on what to get their loved ones this holiday season. If you publish your gift guide before Black Friday happens, you can inspire your followers with ideas of what to purchase on Black Friday itself.

5. Give Customers a Reason to Come Back

If you have good deals and good social media advertisements then Black Friday will be a success for your business. But what about after Black Friday? Customer retention is important too. Whether it’s for Cyber Monday or sometime in mid-December, you can plan and announce more deals to keep customers coming back.

6. Create a Sense of Urgency

Creating a sense of urgency around your Black Friday deals is a great way to drive engagement and purchases. Remind your audience that Black Friday deals are temporary and they need to act fast while the deal, and supplies, last.

7. Give Back

On a holiday all about consumerism, a lot of people will appreciate a good-natured aspect of your sales. Use social media to let the world know that you’ll be donating x amount of your revenue to x charity or nonprofit organization. Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday following Black Friday and, as the name suggests, it’s all about giving back.

8. Extend Your Deals to Cyber Monday

Featuring tons of online-only discounts, Cyber Monday is every online shopper’s dream. You don’t need to have one day only deals for Black Friday. You can extend your sales to Cyber Monday. Make sure you let your followers know that they can still get sweet deals in the days after Black Friday.

9. Utilize Instagram Shops

Instagram has become a staple for social media advertising. The Instagram Shops feature lets users purchase items without even leaving the Instagram app. It’s easy (and free) to create a Shop, but the review process takes a few days so make sure you start setting up your Instagram Shop a week or so before Black Friday.

10. Opt-Out of Black Friday Entirely

This tip is a lot different than the others. Some brands choose to not participate in the Black Friday madness whatsoever. Black Friday is a staple of consumerism, and some brands (and customers) don’t vibe with that. This strategy might not result in the revenue that Black Friday deals would, but it lets your audience know that you’re conscious of how your business, and consumerism in general, affect the world. If you’re opting out of Black Friday, post on social media to let everyone know why.

How to Use Insense to Ace Your Black Friday Campaigns

If you want user-generated content that will help you ace your Black Friday social media campaigns, then Insense may be exactly what you need. Insense helps brands create unique, compelling social content by partnering them up with top-notch content creators. We proudly house a large community of content creators who specialize in a variety of content styles. Check out Insense to see if it’s right for you.

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